5 Ways You Can Trade Your Bad Habits For A Life That’s Awesome AF

Who isn’t in search of a better life? Whatever that might mean for you specifically, being fitter and richer are often our top priorities. And we all know how wealth is useless without health. But what if you could become healthier while you save money to spend on things you actually want? We're not all born rich or accountants, so we need a little help every now and then with all the money-saving tips. You don't even have to cut all the fun things out of your life to have a little extra entertainment within your current budget. If you simply change a few spending habits, you'll have enough saved up for more rewarding activities soon. Here's how: 


A quick trip to the cafe to get a decaf skinny vanilla latte with soy milk is a daily thing for many of us. Even if your coffee order isn't as complicated, the trips do add up. Here's how much you can save if you cut down a bit.

save money live healthy - BookMyShow Blog

In three days, you could get two tickets to go and see Omerta. In just a week, you can head to a water park to cool off from the rising temperatures. In two weeks, you can finally take that trip to Imagica that you have always wanted to take and in a month, you can attend the next big concert, like Boyzlife.


We're not asking you to quit smoking (although you should get around to it but that's for later), just smoke two cigarettes less each day.

save money live healthy - BookMyShow Blog

Four days in, you can head to see October if you haven't seen it yet, and later book for Avengers: Infinity War. In a week, you can catch a play whose ticket costs around 200, like Pakistan Aur Alzheimers. In two weeks, you will have enough to attend a stand-up comedy show at Canvas Laugh Club. And in a month, you can see a live concert like Ottawan.


Weekends mean going out and that inevitably leads to having a drink (and it always ends up being more than one). If you could remove that extra drink, you will end up saving for something better.

save money live healthy - BookMyShow Blog

Skip a drink this week and head to a comedy show instead. In two weeks if your whole group skips that one drink, you can have a much more adventurous time at an escape room. In a month, you can go on a tour and see Elephanta Caves. That sounds much better than a hangover.


The app-based taxi services have made our lives much easier, but they have also made us spend a bit more than we used to. Instead of opting for premium taxis, if you opt for a carpool ride you can save an average of Rs. 100 a ride.

save money live healthy - BookMyShow Blog

Just three days of saving, and you'll have enough for watching Bebak Manto. Save for a week and you can watch a movie in style with a gold-class movie ticket. In two weeks, you can go to a painting party at Doolally Taproom that includes all the materials and a snack. And finally, within a month, you can go for a camping trip or get the good seats to see Disney's Aladdin.


Online shopping has been a boon for our inner shopaholics. Although it can sometimes be cheaper buying things online the delivery charges can have you spending more than you thought you would.

save money live healthy - BookMyShow Blog

With the money you save in just a week, you can visit the museum and one of its events, with extra money left over to buy souvenirs and supporting the museum. In two weeks, you can see Kalam. In a month, you can see a comedy special like Boarding Das Tour by Vir Das.

Which of these will you start cutting down on? Let us know in comments below. 

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