Some mother-in-law advice from Liam Neeson

Hold on, before you get your unmentionables in a twist, I meant not just mother in laws. You can also use the following lines on others. Maybe your boss who has been busting your cajones, your nagging significant other or even some random a$&hole on the street. Most of the time, we get stuck when we need to zing someone. Have you ever had that feeling? The deer caught in the headlights feeling? Being stumped for words? Don’t fret anymore, we have just the guide for you and your linguistic needs.

The following quotes can be used in different situations, so adapt them as required.

 1. Michael Collins: Bullshit! I’m Minister for Gun-Running, Daylight Robbery, and General Mayhem.

You can use this amazing quote whenever your future mother-in-law asks you what do you do. You will need an Irish accent but hey, say it with a smirk and the finger guns.


2. Michael Collins: Once I start, they’ll be no stopping me.
This is another one from the Michael Collins movie, this quote is special. Use this whenever you are about to start another level of Diablo or Assassin’s Creed. If your mother-in-law tells you to do the laundry, use this line. You can then proceed to wash everything in the place. Leave no cloth dry. Not even underwear.

3. Ra’s al Ghul: I told you I was immortal.
Ah, this one is a bit iffy. The best time to use this quote is when you are suffering from indigestion after eating something terrible. Or the other time you can use this one, is when you see the monster ( mother-in-law). Keep a french beard when you utter this line.


4. Bryan: If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

Now you must scratching your head as to where would you use this awesome line. The best time is when you know that your console has been hidden by the M.I.L ( the Saas from hell) You will not be denied your gaming time, it is necessary for your survival in this rat race. You can also use this one whenever the wicked witch calls up on the phone. Remember to say this in a low growl and you will be assured of some peace and quiet.

5. Henri Ducard: Men fear most what they cannot see.
One of the best lines for you. This is best used when you haven’t met the future mother-in-law. You are sweating bullets, and your palms are clammy. You feel your heartbeat race, and your throat closes up, you feel that you about to face off a dragon. In some ways, you are doing just that. This line will help calm you down. Use that fear, and instill that fear in the dragon. Be nice and suave and smooth. This way she will stay off kilter, her guard will be down. And then you strike, with utter surprise. Knock them out with kindness, that’s I say.

These are just a few of the quotes that can be used. Remember, you can also use these in other social situations and we shall discuss these in detail soon. By the way, if you have to use one line by Liam Neeson to pick up a pretty girl or boy, this one is for you: Oskar Schindler: “Sweetheart, you’re the picture of loneliness.”

So there you have it. If you can think of any other quote, leave it in the comment box with your reasoning behind it. We look forward to hearing from you. In the mean-time, catch Non-Stop for your dose of Liam Neeson doing what he does best.

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