Movie cars you should steal

You slide in, slam the door shut. Insert the key in the ignition. Slot the gear shift into neutral and turn the engine over. At first, there is the rumble, then the cough, then roar as the monster under the hood comes alive. Pop the clutch and slide it into first. All that remains is slamming the pedal to the metal. The tires squirm under the torque and then catch. Your head is forced into the headrest and the horizon stretches to infinity and in that moment you are Buzz Lightyear meets Spaceman Spiff meets Captain Kirk. Warp drive and all hell has broken loose. 

What just happened is the start of an epic drive. 
For an epic drive, you need an epic car. That’s where Hollywood comes in, there have been many iconic cars that have caught our imagination.
#10: Rolls Royce Phantom 9.0 V 16: 
From Johnny English Reborn, we have the ultimate driving machine with the ultimate V engine. 9 litres of pure power, the Phantom has all the bells and whistles and voice activation. Not just any voice though, Mariella Frostrup’s voice. So the Rolls sounds like the way she supposed to, with a husky voice oozing sex and class. And incase you have to get out of a locked garage, the Spirit of Adventure fires a laser cutter. 
#9 Blues Brothers AKA Bluesmobile:

A 1974 Dodge Monaco painted in cop colors, with a cop motor, cop tires, cop shocks, cop suspensions and 440 cubic inch motor. Pumping out over 390 bhp, this car took part in of the biggest car chases and car crashes in movie history. This is the car for everything, including driving underwater, seating over 11 people and one Blues brother into the glove box. It could also driven by remote. But just remember the cigarette lighter doesn’t work.
#8 DeLorean DMC-12: 
The car from the Back to the Future Franchise. The cause and solution to all Marty McFly’s problems. Also it would be mighty helpful for us, because we’d never have to worry about being late. All you have to do is, hit 88 mph and set the flux capacitor for the time and date of your choice. Boom, you reach there in the nick of time. But, you might need either a fusion reactor, mini-nuclear reactor or a lightening strike to get the 1.21 ‘jigawatts’ to activate time travel. But hey, the upgraded version is perfect too, you can fly over the crowded roads. 
#7 Ford Mustang from Bullitt:
Green in color, Ford Mustang 390 Fastback was and still is one of the best versions of the car. The way the car just exudes an aura of power is enough for you to stop and stare. Made famous by Steve McQueen, this car could make the ground of San Francisco shake with its rumble. A whole new driving experience. A word of caution: getting behind the wheel of this car doesn’t make you automatically cool
#6 Pontiac GTO 1967 from XXX:

The car which turns heads just by its look. Not to mention the purple paint job and over 400 horses under the hood. This car, nicknamed the Goat, was one of the all time great road racers. That is because you could fit a massive V8 into the engine bay, slot in racing carburetors and a supercharger. And all the guns you could want in a spy car with a brilliant paint job.
#5 The Tumbler:

The ultimate Batmobile to date. I know, I know, the next movie will take it to the next level, but for now, we have the Tumbler. Loaded with auto-cannons, massive 4 rear tires, a rocket boost for non-ramp jumps, ground radar and stealth mode and the list goes on. Ideal for blowing up trucks, buses, irritating rickshaws and scaring the holy crap out of people, the tumbler is perfect for the discerning traveler. Also once you get this car, people will obviously think you are “BATMAN!” Note: you have to have a cough and then say it.
#4 Volkswagen Beetle aka Herbie aka Car no. 53:

The cute Beetle becomes a Le Mans superstar. This is a case of a car with personality and spirit. If you could get your hands on this car, one: you will be instantly cool, and two: you will be driving an awesome machine who will keep fighting to end. Perfect for endurance races and long drives to Goa. Mainly, because it auto drives, so move over Google cars, here comes Herbie. 
#3 Bumblebee aka Chervolet Camaro:

Who doesn’t want a fast, powerful, gun-packing, racing-striped mean-machine? That is the essence of Bumblebee. This car has it all. And also the ability to shift between old school designs and the modern day concept. Heavy duty and menacing in its 1967 version, Bumblebee becomes cutting edge when it adapts the 2014 Camaro concept. 
#2 Aston Martin DB5: 
Not the old one, this Aston Martin DB5 has been remade, panel for panel for the movie Skyfall. Stunning in silver and packed to the gills with guns and gadgets, this car is by far the best of the Bond series. Iconic and beautiful, you are sure to get mistaken for a desi Bond. Try to use the line “Naam hai, Bond, James Bond.” 
#1 Eleanor aka Ford Mustang GT 500:
Before you decide to jump to conclusions, this isn’t the same car as the one before. This is the unicorn, the uncatchable, the unbelievably gorgeous and dangerous GT 500. From the Gone in 60 Seconds movie, this car takes part in one of the longest most awesome car chases ever. With a NOS button which has the words “Go, Baby, Go!” what more do you want. Just punch it and hold on. Remember, she is fickle, so treat her right. 
These are just a few cars which you should steal. For an epic ride into the wild. If you have any other suggestions, just leave us a comment and let us know which car you would steal, oops, borrow.  


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