Movie Heroes Who Have Killed More Than Villains

We do expect deaths when going to an action movie, but have you ever kept a track of how many people are dying and who is racking up the body count? We're used to picturing villains as the ones being violent and uncaring about human life. But then, there come movies where it's clear that it's the heroes doing all the killing even though the so-called bad guys have a big evil plan, they don't end up actually killing as many people as the heroes do. Here are some of the heroes that have ended up killing more people than the villains. For this list, we're only looking at on-screen deaths.

John Matrix from Commando
Movie Heroes More Kills Than Villains - BookMyShow

John Matrix is the hero who kills over 80 guys in the course of the movie, not paying a whole lot of attention to exactly who he's killing. 

The Bride/Beatrice Kiddo from the Kill Bill series
Movie Heroes More Kills Than Villains - BookMyShow

We've established that Bill deserved to die, but did the 60-80 people that she kills in the two movies deserve it? Hell truly has no fury like a woman scorned. 

Bryan Mills from the Taken franchise 
Movie Heroes More Kills Than Villains - BookMyShow

Bryan doesn't seem to have a lot of moral questioning when it comes to killing a lot of people to get to the big bad who's taken the people he loves. If there's one thing you take away from Taken, it's don't mess with Bryan. 

John Wick from John Wick 
Movie Heroes More Kills Than Villains - BookMyShow

Sure, he's a retired assassin but when he has to exact revenge, John Wick picks up the gun again. He's a relatable hero and he's killed more than 70 people quite efficiently. 

Iron Man from Iron Man
Movie Heroes More Kills Than Villains - BookMyShow

Before all the Avengers came into action and were held responsible for civilian deaths, there was Iron Man. In his first movie, Iron Man managed to kill more than 30 people, while the villain, Obadiah Stone killed only two. 

Which of these heroes surprised you? Let us know in the comments below.

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