There’s something about tragic love stories that seems to hit all the right chords with the Indian audience. We aren’t sure if it is the broken-hearted hero singing in the pouring rain or the glum-faced heroine blankly staring into space. But these movies often make a mark at the box office with their soft music and heart-rending lyrics. Earlier there used to be stories with torn lovers who couldn’t be united because of the oppressive circumstances. But nowadays, most of these have alternate themes and complicated storylines. Let’s take look at some recent ‘Adhuri Kahanis’ that captured our hearts and left us silently sniffing in the movie hall.   

1. Devdas
The distressing story of Devdas and Paro is a classic that transcends time and generations.   
2. Dil Se
Awesome music and a story where the hero falls for a girl who turns out to be a terrorist! Not an everyday love story for sure. It’s tragic how the story ends.  
3. Kal Ho Na Ho
How many of you cried when Shahrukh Khan dies? Don’t lie.. C’mon tell the truth! 😛
4. Ghajini
We almost feel sad for Aamir Khan‘s character who keeps forgetting due to his condition and then we come to know about his dark, dark past. An agonizing tale of love and loss. 
5. Dev D
The modern version of Devdas. Abhay Deol and Anurag Kashyap took Bollywood to a completely new direction with this drama black comedy. 
6. Rockstar
Music, love and heart-break have a very deep connection. Rockstar‘s music was just as good as it’s story. And with Ranbir Kapoor’s acting, it was bound to be a HIT!  
7. Jannat
This list would be incomplete without an Emraan Hashmi movie. Jannat is the crime-romance film where greed and love are the subjects. 
8. Ishaqzaade
Two lovers escaping their warring families in the politics afflicted UP backdrop. Ishaqzaade strung the right cords in the hearts of the audience. 
9. Aashiqui 2
With heart-rending music like this film has and a drunkard hero.. Aashiqui 2 melted hearts all over the country. The leading pair, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, came into the lime-light and the rest as they say was history. 
10. Ek Villain
Guru aka Siddharth Malhotra loses his sense of right and wrong when he loses the love of his life, the effervescent Shraddha Kapoor. Great acting and awesome music got this film a place in our hearts. 
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