It's summer, and in Hollywood, you know what that means. It is the season of the release all the biggest movies of the year. It's the time when all the big budget movies battle it out for the attention of the audiences. Fast and Furious 8 that is releasing on April 14 is just the beginning of the exciting line-up this year. The theaters are going to be filled with dazzling action all the way to July. Here are the most-awaited ten summer blockbusters of 2017: 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Release Date: May 5
In 2014, the first movie made Chris Pratt an action star, cast a WWE wrestler a perfectly-suited role, proved Zoe Saldana could even look good as an alien, showed Bradley Cooper is great at voice acting and convinced us that having Vin Diesel say one word is worth it. And now, the beloved band of misfits is back once more in Volume 2, in tow with the cutest Baby Groot.

Alien: Covenant

Release Date: May 12
Ridley Scott began the Alien franchise 38 years ago, and the xenomorphs are still terrorizing humanity. It has been almost five years since our last visit to the Alien universe in Prometheus. The latest one stars Michael Fassbender once more in Covenant, and we can't help but wonder if the Magneto star will manage to survive the horrifying creatures. 


Release Date: May 26
It's the perfect movie for the summer that is guaranteed to be a blast. Baywatch has a group of lifeguards who will go above and beyond the call of duty to uncover a criminal plot, even the job might be better suited for the police. With a cast like Dwayne JohnsonPriyanka ChopraZac Efron, and Alexandra Daddario, this promises to be full of action, comedy, and a great temptation to visit the beach. 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge

Release Date: May 26
The journey of the high seas is finally coming to an end. Johnny Depp reprises his popular role of Captain Jack Sparrow in all his swashbuckling glory for the final adventure, this time being hunted by the undead Captain SalazarOrlando Bloom, who was absent from the last movie, will also be making a return to give the franchise the perfect closure in Salazar's Revenge.

Wonder Woman

Release Date: June 2
This is the superheroine movie that the DC fans have been waiting for. Expectations are high, and the trailers look promising. If they live up to the hype, Wonder Woman and Justice League, which releasing later this year, might finally put DC back in a tough competition with Marvel

The Mummy

Release Date: June 9
It's not only Marvel and DC setting up their cinematic universes, but there is also Universal Monsters Universe in the making. Starting with The Mummy, Universal will be remaking many classic monster movies. With already big name actors like Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe associated with it in the first movie, the series already seems to be set up for a success. 

Cars 3

Release Date: June 16
The first Cars movie was a satisfying treat for both adults and kids. Cars 2, on the other hand, was a big failure riddled with issues. But Cars seems like it just might be able to redeem the movie series. It's definitely darker and there's a very high chance that this is going to be yet another Pixar movie to make you cry at least once

Despicable Me 3

Release Date: June 30
Gru is back, this time with a twin brother in one of the most-awaited animated movies of the year. While we got to see a glimpse of a young Gru in Minions two years ago, it has been much too long since we saw the girls. Picking up after the second movie, Gru is now happily married to Lucy Wilde, but the idyllic home life can only last so long without a dash of villainy. 

War for the Planet of the Apes

Release Date: July 14
The Apes have risen, and now it's a war of two species in the ultimate battle for domination of the planet. The third movie in the prequel series of the much longer movie series Planet of the Apes, we meet Caesar once more. The humans have changed in the movies, but Caesar remains victorious. For now. 


Release Date: July 21
Christopher Nolan has made a name for himself with grand spectacular movies that actually live up to the hype. He is one of the directors making a comeback this year after a break of almost three years. For his first historical movie, he has gone to great lengths, even buying an authentic WWI plane (just to crash it) and we can't wait to see Nolan's take on the war come alive on screen.

Which of these summer blockbusters of 2017 are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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