Films have both, a soundtrack and an original score. The original score is mostly instrumental music that was composed for the film, and the soundtrack is a collection of popular music that influences the film or is featured within it. The score of any film is vital. It is what gives depth to each scene and also commands the tone of the film. Silent films, especially, rely on the score.

OSTs (Original Soundtracks) too can really help a film at the box office, owing to their popular nature. With BookMyShow turning 10 years old this week, we decided to handpick 10 of the best Hollywood film soundtracks of the past decade. Let us know if we missed any, in the comments below.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
Perhaps the most under-rated on this list, the score was composed by Theodore Shapiro, but what makes it even better is the OST by Jose Gonzalez amongst others. Every track is a hidden gem.


Midnight in Paris (2011)
Just like in all Woody Allen films, this is also a spot-on nostalgic score. With music by Stephane Wrembel, the film features numerous songs from the past.


Interstellar (2014)
This stellar OST by Hans Zimmer is indeed out of this world. Almost 2 years before the release of the film, director Christopher Nolan sent Zimmer a note that spoke about the film and its core theme, then asked him to spend a day writing some musical ideas. That is how this score was born.


Inception (2010)
Another epic score by Zimmer, this OST for Nolan's film will surely haunt your dreams, if not simply alter your perception of time.


The Dark Knight (2008)
Of course, not to mention the entire 'Dark Knight Trilogy' itself by Nolan. Yet another Nolan-Zimmer collaboration is about to appear in this list.


Dunkirk (2017)
Last one, we promise. This is a film that relies on its non-stop score to keep the tension rising. You see, Nolan and Zimmer make a dream team.


La La Land (2017)
While jazz has always been a lovely addition to any film's sound (check out any Woody Allen film), the score for this musical was on a massive scale. Composed by Justin Hurwitz, the score won Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.


Django Unchained (2012)
Quentin Tarantino – director of Inglorious BasterdsKill Bill and Pulp Fiction – obviously pays attention to his film score. This soundtrack, by various artists, uses a variety of music genres, relying heavily on the 'spaghetti western' soundtrack.


Avatar (2009)
James Horner's epic score was perfect for the grand film by James Cameron. James and James also worked together in the teary-eyed Titanic. Together, they were capable of colossal things. Rest in peace, Horner. 


The Social Network (2010)
A dark ambient soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the brilliant OST also beat Inception's OST to win the Academy Award for Best Original Score.