10 Celeb Demands You Won’t Believe

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask for something completely ridiculous, and have someone go out of their way to make your wish come true? You don’t need to own a magic lamp for that to happen. All you need is to be famous!

Celebrities can get away with the most outrageous demands. Sometimes, the demands can be as simple as wanting only blue M&Ms. Other times, celebrities get carried away. The result? Some poor guy having to fill Barbra Streisand’s toilet bowls with rose petals! Yes, that’s happened and no, it’s not the craziest thing a star has asked for. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 things you won’t believe celebs have asked for:

1. True to his stage persona, Marilyn Manson asks for a "bald-headed, toothless hooker" at every venue he plays… And a pack of Haribo gummy bears. Two things we never thought belonged in the same sentence!

2. When you’re Lady Gaga, your dressing room must match your larger-than-life personality. It’s no surprise then that the songstress asked for a mannequin "with puffy pink pubic hair" in her room… Because, why not?

3. Don’t you hate it when you’re traveling and you run out of essentials like clean socks? Well, if you cover all your bases like Justin Bieber, you never have to worry about that. His tour rider always asks for 2 sets of plain white crew-neck tee-shirts (sizes XS and L), 2 sets of white tank tops (sizes L and XL) and 3 sets of white low-rise socks (sizes XS and L).

We’re not sure why he needs so many, but we don’t know if we want to find out!

4. We all have a favorite sport, and Michael Buble is no exception! The musician is such a big fan of hockey, that he asks for a puck from the local team wherever he tours!

5. The only person directing the Katy Perry show is Katy Perry. The singer always asks for a director’s chair with her name on it- just in case someone forgets!

6. Ever wondered what Jennifer Lopez‘s favorite color is? If her dressing room is any indication, the answer is white!

The singer specifically asks for her dressing room to be painted white, and to feature only white furniture. But the color theme isn’t limited to the furniture. Flowers, tables, tablecloths, drapes and candles must all be white, too!

7. When you’re a former member of The Beatles, no demand is too outrageous! Paul McCartney‘s dressing rooms must always have between one and six regular plants that are six feet tall and 19 six-feet tall, leafy green plants.

8. A lot of work goes into putting on a concert, as we see it. It’s completely natural for a musician to require an assistant to make the process smoother.

But one assistant is just not enough for Mariah Carey. The diva needs two people – one to help her climb the stairs and one to dispose of her chewing gum!

9. Princess Diana was truly divine, wasn’t she? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Britney Spears is an admirer, too! From the beginning of her career, the popstar has asked for her dressing room to have one framed photo of Princess Diana!

10. Britney might want a picture of Princess Diana in her dressing room, but the members of Mogwai have another princess in mind.

The Scottish rock band has specifically asked for a picture of Princess Leia. No prizes for guessing which one!