Children are adorable. Even more so, when you see them on screen. While kids are usually overshadowed by the popular actor/actress they are working with, few of them give remarkable performances, and their appearances are etched in our memories. Here are some such child actors, who won the hearts of the audience with their cuteness, and gained popularity at a very young age. Have a look:

Sana Saeed (1998)

Sana who played Shah Rukh's daughter in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is now all grown up and may have made appearances in other movies. But she is still remembered for the role of Anjali even years later.

Parzaan Dastur (1998)

Alongside Anjali was another cute boy from the same movie. Remember the kid who kept who kept counting stars or went fishing, or even better, the famous dialogue 'Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi naa jao!'. That's Parzaan for you. 

Shweta Prasad (2002)

From TV shows to movies, Shweta has done a lot of roles, but her work has been appreciated most in the movie Makdee, for which she even won a National Award at the age of 11. She was also praised for her role in Iqbal.

Juanna Sanghvi (2007)

Heyy Babyy may be a decade old, but we still haven't forgotten the face of the adorable looking angel who played Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan's daughter in the film. It's hardly believable that the girl is 10 now!

Angelina Idnani (2007)

2007 was the year for many child actors. Ta Ra Rum Pum saw not one, but two adorable child actors. Angelina Idnani was one of them. The pretty face was named 'Princess' in the movie and played Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherji's daughter. 

Darsheel Safari (2007)

Darsheel's innocent face made it really hard for us to hold back our tears while watching Taare Zameen Par. Even his performance as a dyslexic boy was well appreciated.

Ali Haji (2007)

Other than acting alongside Angelina in Tara Rum Pum, Ali Haji also played Lara Dutta's son, the little boy we all fell in love with in Partner. All grown up now, this boy is all set to make his comeback with better roles.

Ahsaas Channa (2010)

From playing a little boy in movies like My Friend Ganesha, Vasushashtra and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna to finally getting a chance to play a girl in Phoonk 2, Ahsaas' journey was slightly more difficult compared to others. Her story will make you fall in lover with her. 

Harshaali Malhotra (2015) 

We were already halfway in love with her beauty and then she stunned us with great acting skills too. Harshaali, who was the child star in the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, is truly the greatest find of Bollywood.

Matin Rey Tangu (2017)

The eight-year-old is a very recent entry in Bollywood. He appeared alongside Salman Khan in the movie Tubelight and gained a lot of fame and popularity at a tender age.

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