Horror films are a collation of fantasy and creativity. To spook the masses, one has to be novel and innovative. Using the same old cliché moments that we have seen like a gazillion times will not sail the boat!

Yes, here’s a shout out to all the horror film-makers. Seriously, stop with the same old horror stories and cliché formulas. The sound of the creaking door or a dog howling does not scare us anymore! It’s time to get some creativity on the platter. So here’s a list of cliched moments that should be thrown in a chest and dumped in the sea.

No electricity

Nothing can be more cliche than this! Used in probably most of the films, the no electricity or the flickering lights should definitely be done with.

The best friend always dies

The paranoia doesn’t set in until the best friend dies. The most common twist used in horror films. The first kill is always the best friend.

The animal bears the brunt

Animals can sense supernatural. Yes, we all know that now. Stop using them as bait to build the scare element.

Who’s there? 

Every film has that one over smart character, who despite sensing something wrong will go ahead and jump in the fire.

Spooky Mirror 

The breaking of the mirror, reflection of the ghost in the mirror or worst no reflection at all. We’ve seen it all.

Children are the prime target 

The ghost always targets the kid in the house. Always.

Possessed dolls 

Old toys, broken dolls or hideous teddy bears. A horror film cannot be made without these, right? #NewPropsPlease!

The car never starts

From the many formulas used to build up the suspense, the car running out of petrol or no cell reception definitely top the list! #ForeoverFailFormulas

The girl trips while running 

One of the most nerve-wrecking scenes. The girl has to fall while running and die. So the next time you see the girl trip in the film, prepare yourself because that one’s dying!

The television or radio switches on automatically 

Yes, this might spook a few. But haven’t we seen this in like all possible horror films!

There you have it, some of the many overused formulas that we have seen in horror films. Though some of still give us the scare, we would really like to watch something new and innovative on screen.

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