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10 Comic-Con Trailers You Cannot Miss

We have bid adieu to one of the most exciting events for pop-culture fans worldwide – The San Diego Comic-Con. The San Diego Comic-Con arrived conquered and didn’t say goodbye without leaving us some treats. This Comic-Con has become synonymous with movie promotions and announcements. It serves as the perfect platform for the thousands of fans who gather around to absorb all things pop-culture and celebrate them. If you were not there and didn’t manage to view all the exclusive footage that was shared in those halls, we will have to wait for it patiently until it makes it way on the Internet. Meanwhile, there are a lot of trailers and teasers that have already made their way to us and we have compiled a list of trailers you should not miss.

Justice League

About a year and a half prior to the release, we got the first look of the eagerly-awaited Justice League movie, which is a union of DC’s finest against a looming threat. We are introduced to Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash who we’ve seen flashes (pun unintended) of in Batman V Superman. However, we would have liked to see Grant Gustin as Flash on the big screen too but Ezra Miller is proving to live up to the expectations. The trailer is promising the movie to be action-packed with the grandeur of DC dialogue deliveries and some much needed comic relief.

The Lego Batman

If you were wondering what Batman would be like in a comedy movie, this is your answer to that. The trailer has packed a lot of laughs along with references that will make you grin from ear to ear. Watch Batman trying to raise his son (who is dressed as Robin) he sarcastically adopted and trying to give up his obsession with Joker. If you felt the awesomeness with The Lego Movie, the awesomeness continues with this movie.

Wonder Woman

We saw her debut in Batman V Superman and she sure did impress us. Along with her, we see Chris Pine, who has proved his mettle with his recent release Star Trek Beyond. All the fans of DC who are awaiting the Justice League movie. This movie is sure to quench your thirst a little. We see Wonder Woman trying to adjust herself among the humans, when she has stayed away from them her whole life. We also get a few glimpses of her lasso, which was missing in Batman V Superman.

Doctor Strange

The first trailer left our jaws dropped with the premise they have chosen and the execution is looking perfect. The SDCC version is only going to get your jaws drop lower with the amount of information they have packed in the trailer, which gives us a glimpse of how extraordinary this movie is going to be. Hats off to Benedict Cumberbatch for bringing yet another immortal character to life.


All the Sherlockians, the wait is over. We have waited for a long time for this moment (two years, to be precise) and the trailer for season 4 is out and it packs a punch. A storm is coming and it is not just the arch nemesis back from dead (probably). The stakes have risen and people are losing faith. Is it the end of Sherlock? We have to wait and watch. The trailer is like a Sherlock episode – watching it only once won’t be satisfactory. It has the right amount of intrigue and some clues that will last us till the series returns.

Luke Cage

We saw and loved him in Jessica Jones. He is the man with an impenetrable skin and super strength. He is out on a mission to save people by using his gifts. If you like seeing Hulk smash into buildings. Watching Luke Cage is going to bring a similar kind of feeling inside you. Netflix has done a stellar job of making Marvel Characters very humane and with flaws in their TV series. We can’t wait to see how awesome this turns out to be.

Iron Fist

You might remember him being on Spidey’s team from the cartoon series The Amazing Spiderman. His alter-ego is Danny who has hit the Zen state like a pro. The first thing that is going to hit you as you watch the trailer before the fist (pun intended) is the soundtrack of the trailer. The modified version of a tick-tock which makes you feel like doom is descending on you. Another marvelous work by Netflix. This might just be the thing that will make Marvel rule over TV-verse too.

Suicide Squad

It might not be a wise move to release a final trailer one week before the release. But DC does it once again, raising our eagerness for the movie. The mentions of meta-humans and a few clues here and there about the deadly weapon are enough to raise our expectations and with that our anticipation.

Kong’s Skull Island

A trailer voiced by Samuel L Jackson cannot go wrong. We all love the King Kong movie where the primate is trapped in our concrete jungle. When a group of explorers enters his jungle and his kingdom, is there a way to come back? We will know when we watch it for ourselves.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

A trip down the magical world is always exciting. With a few familiar spells and a few familiar animals, we all go back in time to the decade of Harry Potter. But the trailer lets you know that this is much beyond that and much as exciting and filled with adventure.
The attendees of the Comic-Con got a glimpse of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Spiderman: Homecoming and also some behind-the-scenes footage from Thor: Ragnarork.  They also got a look at Star Trek Discovery. We hope that they find their way onto the Internet soon. Which trailer got you the most excited? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.