A few things in our lives come as a revelation, and what follows is our changed attitude towards life. Many such inspirations are drawn from prominent personalities, mostly likely a celebrity. Here are a few things you were probably not aware of about your favorite celebrity:

1.  The face that became synonymous with James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, was a fire-eater and also worked in a circus before he set the cinema on fire with his fierce acting and good looks.

2.  An iconic singer like Elvis Presley was once told by his teacher that he isn’t fit for singing but whoa, the man became a music icon. Looks like teachers aren’t always right.

3.  There are celebs who are a sensation but with a scintillating background. Amongst many, Brad Pitt is said to have worked with a strip club while Lady Gaga was a stripper before they became stars.

4.  If you are a celeb, you are expected to be haunted by papparazzi, but then there is one Marilyn Manson who wrote the ‘F’ word on his face to save himself from the blinding flashes of the numerous cameras.

5.  The crew of the film, Excorcist, were so freaked out while filming the movie that they summoned a priest to the sets to bless them. Something similar happened with Passion of the Christ, except it was just lightning that struck the lead actor while the crucifixion scene was filmed.

6.  It is believed that Khans of Bollywood are the true Pathans of Bollywood but it is a lesser-known fact that the Kapoors, considered to be the first family of Bollywood, are Pathans from Peshawar.

7.  This one is indeed a news for Disney fans – Donald Duck’s quack-quacks weren’t heard in Finland for a very long time only because he never wears pants.

8.  Prithviraj Kapoor was too atrracted to lions, he would often go to beaches and roar like a lion.

9.  The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was whimisical is a well-known fact, but he is said to have once buy Marvel Comics, only because he wished to play Spider-man.

10.  Rap-singer Akon seems who have an Indian origin with a name like Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam, which is his real name!

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