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10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Found Their Animal Lookalikes

They say that there are seven people in the world who look exactly like you. But are you sure that all of them are humans? If you immediately thought of aliens after reading this, you are not entirely wrong. The world is filled with mysterious things, and this could be one of them. If you are freaking out right now because of this, don’t worry, we have got something to distract you. Here are some celebrities, who’s lookalikes are bit more cute and furry. Their resemblance to these furry creatures is so uncanny that you will actually wonder – what if that’s the case with you as well? At least, it’s better than resembling an alien being (or maybe not!).

Samuel L. Jackson – Totally badass.
Haley Joel Osment – Isn’t he the cutest!
Eric Stonestreet – Don’t you just want to hug him tight?
Adrien Brody – Intense.
Lady Gaga – Werk it, girl!  
Cher – Nailed the hairdo.
Kim Kardashian – Got the killer look.
Taylor Momsen – Lets her eyes do the talking.
Rihanna – Stylish as ever.
Harrison Ford – That crooked smile!
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