All laughs and no scares will make Jack dull as hell, and Freddie, plainly annoying. Horror is probably one of the most diverse genres in films. Creepy-crawlies, blood-sucking beauties, world-under-water, there’s something for everyone here. It tells intimate, relate-able tales combined with our greatest fears. Tales that terrify and excite us, at the same time. No wonder horror has such a massive fan-following. This year has got some pretty interesting releases lined up. Here is a list of 10 films you should definitely watch, whether you are a bonafide horror geek or not.


With Schwarzenegger and Breslin, a good performance is guaranteed. A moving zombie-pocalypse (never thought you’d read that in the same sentence, eh?) that marks director Hobson’s debut.


A remake of the 1982 hit, the creature that haunts in this is sure to scare the Ghostbusters away.

Insidious: Chapter 3

Third installment in the Insidious franchise, a must-see for all the James Wan fans.

Sinister 2

The last film told us how eerily dangerous innocence can be, children are not always the victims.

The Human Centipede 3

Not for the faint hearted. If you know anything about the Human Centipede series, you’d call Dr. Frankenstien a rookie.

The Visit

Never thought Grandmum’s could be scary? Think again.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

The highest grossing found-footage franchise is back with it’s jump-scares.


Previously titled The Ring 3D, the bizarre videotape returns to strike terror, inspired by the Japanese film Ringu. 


A walk down memory lane for all horror fans. R.L. Stine’s highly anticipated adventure with his readers, both young and old.  

Amityville: The Awakening

A young girl’s family is invaded by evil forces, turning the ones she loves against her.

Crimson Peak

Director Guillermo Del Torro returns with this dark period-drama. The most awaited release of the year, a romance gone terribly wrong.

These films are guaranteed to terrify you, make you emotional and scare you again! 

-By Gargi Kowli