10 Incredibly Weird Celebrity Rituals

We all wish we could look as beautiful as our favorite celebrities, don’t we? But it’s not easy. After all, beauty has a hefty price. Fortunately, it’s a price celebrities can afford to pay. Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery and make-up are the most normal celebrity beauty rituals! But some stars go above and beyond in their pursuit of perfection. In fact, some of their measures are so drastic that they make cosmetic surgery seem tame! Don’t believe us? See them for yourself! From Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian, here are ten celebrities who have incredibly weird beauty rituals.

Kim Kardashian‘s Vampire Facial
What is a vampire facial, you ask? It really is about as simple as it sounds. The patient’s platelets are applied to the skin, after a micro-needling process punctures microscopic holes in their skin. Yikes!
Lady Gaga‘s Make-Up Remover
Most girls are guilty of forgetting to take their make-up off before bed. Not Lady Gaga! However, her make-up remover is as unconventional as the songstress herself! How does she take off her make-up? She rips it off with Sellotape, of course!
Angelina Jolie’s Cure for Stretch Marks
Some people use stretch mark removal cream to get rid of those unsightly scars. But when has Angelina Jolie ever done what the rest of us common folk do? When she was pregnant, the superstar rubbed fish eggs on her belly to prevent stretch marks!
Snooki’s Exfoliation Scrub
Snooki’s days of crazy antics might have passed, but she still has her quirks. While most of us prefer sticking to an ordinary apricot scrub, Snooki uses cat litter to exfoliate her skin! We think we’ll pass on this beauty tip!
Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ Shampoo & Toothpaste
After a long day at the office, all you need is a cold beer… And so does your hair, if you’re Catherine Zeta-Jones! The gorgeous actress washes her hair with a mixture of honey and beer! But that’s not all- she also brushes her teeth with strawberries and pineapples. Because who needs fruit-flavored toothpastes when you can use the real thing?
January Jones’ Vitamin Supplements
The debate on the benefits of eating placentas seems never-ending. One advocate for the practice? January Jones! The actress, who ate her own placenta after giving birth, has credited her healthy glow to it.
Fergie’s Fat Burners
Shots are always fun, especially when they can make you look good! And Fergie knows how to balance fun and fitness. She does shots of apple cider vinegar, which help her body curb cravings and lose weight. Sign us up!
Halle Berry’s Cure for Cellulite
Wouldn’t we all kill for a body half as amazing as Halle Berry’s? You don’t need to spend a bomb to look like that. The lovely lady mixes coffee grinds in her body wash to keep cellulite at bay! What you might not know is that most cellulite creams contain caffeine, so this is a cheaper alternative!
Victoria Beckham‘s Anti-Aging Cream
How does Victoria Beckham manage to look so youthful? She channels the beauty secrets of Japanese geishas. Posh rubs bird poop on her face, to keep herself looking young and glowing. We love her, but we think we’ll pass on this one!
Nicole Kidman’s Hair Touch-Up
Don’t we all wish we had Nicole Kidman’s luscious locks? If you have a carton of cranberry juice at home, you can get them, too! Well, sort of! The actress pours cranberry juice on her scalp, since its acidity helps seal the pores while also adding a temporary tint to her hair!
These are some of the weirdest beauty rituals that make our favorite stars look stunning! Do you have an odd beauty tip, too? Tell us in the comments below!