Biopics are the ‘in thing’ in Bollywood this season. With Daddy, Haseena Parkar, Azhar and MS Dhoni- The Untold Story coming in recent times, and a spate of biopics all set to come out next year, Bollywood is going all out with bringing real people’s lives on celluloid. But there are plenty of achievers and intriguing people, whose lives are still shrouded in mystery. There isn’t much info on them, and their lives will certainly make for an interesting watch.

Here are 10 celebrities, who we would love to see on screen!

Disclaimer: This is a subjective list that aims to look at biopics from a different perspective. Should you disagree with something in the article, let us know in the comments.

#1 Gulshan Kumar

Gulshan Kumar

The founder of T-Series came a long way. He created a music company without any help from the industry, or a godfather. And then he was murdered in broad daylight. His life can make for an amazing movie!

#2 Anju Bobby George

Anju Bobby

India has a wealth of sportspersons whose careers deserve films. Anju Bobby George is one such iron-willed woman from India who defied all odds to win several honors in athletics. Similar to her, even Sakshi Malik, Dipa Karmakar, and PV Sindhu deserve biopics.

#3 Mansoor Ali Khan ‘Tiger’ Pataudi

MAK Pataudi

Let’s see. He became the captain of the Indian team at 21 (and is, to this day, India’s youngest captain ever), came from a royal lineage whose privileges were taken away in the post-Independence era, and married India’s most attractive actress at the time, Sharmila Tagore. Need we say more?

#4 AR Rahman

AR Rahman

The living legend was a scrawny young boy from Tamil Nadu, who converted to Islam, became the youngest music director at 16, and went on to win a freaking Oscar. Doesn’t need any more drama.

#5 Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi

The creator of IPL is a man shrouded by mystery. Who is he exactly? Where does he come from? His rise to prominence and then subsequent fall can make for a great thriller.

#6 Smriti Irani

Smriti Irani

Not many know this, but Smriti Irani was a background dancer in a Mika music video at one point. Within 20 years, she has become a Union Minister. That’s what I call progress.

#7 Kishore Kumar

Kishore Da

Let’s see- he was an actor, singer, producer, writer and director. Married four times, including once with a certain Madhubala. Legend, yet eccentric. Must watch film!

#8 Gulzar


A poet par excellence, Gulzar has also directed some exceptional films. He married Rakhi, a top actress of the day. And then their subsequent divorce. Him losing his best friend in RD Burman. Quite a few interesting tidbits in his biopic.

#9 Ram Gopal Varma


The rise and fall of Ramu is well documented. RGV made a name with good, hard-hitting movies in the 90s, and then started his spate of badly made flops. His ties to the underworld, and him making controversial statements, makes for an interesting story.

#10 Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti

She was the top actress of the day, got married to a top producer of the day, but committed suicide under suspicious circumstances. Everyone would love to know more about her.

Are there any more celebrities whose lives deserve a biopic? Sound off in the comments below!