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10 Movie Franchises That Stole Our Hearts

“A sequel is an admission that you've been reduced to imitating yourself.” – Don Marquis

Sequels are the flavor of the season and, as always, they are met with mixed anticipation. Some are very excited to see the movieverse (if you will) expand with their favorite movies and some want the classics to be left alone and untouched. But the bottom line is that sequels work. Movie franchises have been around for quite some time now and their increasing popularity should make the critics review their views on the matter. A movie franchise is a series of movies in the same movieverse. They include sequels, prequels, spin-offs and reboots. It may seem that the concept of franchises is very novel and divergent but on the contrary, it has been here for some time with movies like Planet of The Apes, Halloween, The Pink Panther and Godzilla, which have been released over half a century ago. We have compiled a list of the best franchises based on their popularity among the audience.

Star Wars

A story about a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away has excited kids of three generations on the planet Earth. These epic movie series (even the prequels) are all that a successful franchise should be. In 1977, George Lucas started a trilogy, which is now going to release the eighth film of the franchise. The popularity has served as a backbone for comics, TV series and merchandise which is immensely popular.

James Bond

The 007 Agent of MI6 may have different faces but his missions are still the talk of the town. Based on Ian Flemming’s equally popular novel series, James Bond films has captured the audiences since 1962 on the 70 mm screen. With over 22 films and actors like Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig, this franchise is not yet ready to say goodbye and we heartily wish that the end should not be near.

Harry Potter

When it comes to successful movie franchises, Harry Potter deserves to be a part of the list. J.K. Rowling has captured our attention and love with her story of the teenage wizard and his trials and tribulations. We wait for that letter on our every birthday (don’t even try to deny it). It has been only immortalized with its adaptation on screen and with the expansion in the Newt Scamander’s story, we have not said goodbye to the wizarding world yet.

Jurassic Park

Based on the Michael Crichton’s book by the same name, this story has been re-booted several times with more or the less the same storyline. In spite of that, each movie has been popular and making the franchise one of the most popular ones.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow’s (apologies, Captain Jack Sparrow’s) adventures are fascinating and Johnny Depp’s performance only adds to it. Captain Jack Sparrow is not the hero nor the villain, he is part of the gray area in between that everyone should be aware of. The concept of the movie was inspired by a ride at the Disney World and we are glad it was. The movies are fast-paced, exciting with dialogues full of wit. We wouldn’t mind a couple of more movies in this franchise.

Fast and Furious

The fuel doesn’t seem to run out with this series. The release of the movies might not be in the proper order and people might be tired of it but, somehow we still keep awaiting the next movie of the franchise and can’t seem to get tired of it. The team remains the same (more or less) and their adventures keep getting more exciting with Fast 8 coming up.


Sylvester Stallone’s masterpiece has won numerous academy awards and there have been six sequels since then with the final one released in 2015 named Creed. All the seven movies follow the story of Rocky Balboa. The original movie was a sleeper hit but the whole film series, except Creed, have been written by Sylvester Stallone.

Indiana Jones

Whether or not we believe the conspiracy theories surrounding us or the stories of lost treasure, movies about the same concept surely excite us a lot. This franchise is a thing that would last for generations. We would show our kids this epic franchise and there are talks of a reboot of the franchise.


This can be termed as Fox’s only hit Marvel franchise. The franchise got a clean slate with the X-Men : Days of the Future Past and they have used it to their advantage with introducing young actors for your favorite characters ready to tell another story, which will keep you hooked to the franchise. We cannot wait for X-Men Apocalypse, which introduces us to a new crop of uber talented actors.

Mission Impossible

Nothing is impossible seems to be the motto of this franchise. Hanging on the side of the tallest building in the world – possible. Ability to change faces and voices with a mask – possible. Catching all the bad guys in the end – of course, possible. This movie series is highly popular and we would want more.

What do you think of our list? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to binge-watch these movies with your friends.