She's bold, she's outspoken, she's experimental – she's India's fashion goddess. Bollywood`s most stylish actress Sonam Kapoor celebrates her 31st birthday today. And with each passing year, Sonam is known to break her own set fashion standards. Be it traditional Indian wear, high-end Western wear or an eclectic mix of the two, Sonam carries them off with sheer elegance and finesse. Representing our country at Cannes, a film launch or caught at the airport, she is effortlessly dressed; she makes sure that whenever she steps out, she makes a fashion statement


With her bold choices and experimental nature, she is known to don outfits that no one else can carry off. Here's our pick of outfits that we bet no one but Sonam Kapoor can pull off like a boss.


1. Dressed head to toe in red in this high-neck, knitted outfit, Sonam looked smoking hot.

2. Sonam and animal print- Rawr!

3. Pairing that skirt with that zari top and jewelry- WOW is all we can say.

4. That gown with all those layers.

5. An asymmetrical pink and yellow outfit. #SoSonam

6. Warm and Furry

7. Playing with the six-yard garment.

8. Solid colors put to the best use.

9. All this picture screams is `Dramatic`.

10. Dhoti, Kapda aur Jacket.

Which outfit did you like the best? Comment below and let us know.

Check out the video below: