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10 Saddest Breakup Scenes from Hollywood Movies

Love doesn’t come with instructions. Some days it can be as beautiful as a bright sunny day while the other days it could be like a stormy night. If you survive that stormy night, you can assume that you have found someone special. But if you don’t survive it, you will be left with a serious heartache that will remind you of every little thing about your relationship. These moments are the worst and thanks to so many Hollywood movies, we have got a glimpse of how painful these rough moments and breakups can be. It may seem ridiculous and emo on screen but when it happens to you, you do find yourself in that vulnerable position. And then everything about a particular breakup scene from a movie makes so much sense. Such are human emotions and you just need to deal with it.

So to remind you of these emotional moments, we have made a list of all the saddest breakup scenes from Hollywood movies that made our hearts sink a little. Read on.

Whiplash – Andrew and Nicole
When love gets in the way of ambition, it doesn’t end well. It’s almost like ripping the band-aid off but only more painful and colder.

Definitely Maybe – Emily and Will
Distance causes loneliness which sometimes can make you unfaithful and walk away from someone you love.

The Spectacular Now – Sutter and Aimee
When an underlying issue takes over your emotions at some point, it bursts out in the form of rage. That’s when you realize that it’s too late to mend things.

Under the Tuscan Sun – Marcello and Frances
A summer love that had potential but doesn’t last for long because of distance and circumstances.

He’s Just Not That Into You – Beth and Neil
No matter how strong the relationship is, the fear of commitment is like rust that shakes the foundation of the relationship and makes lovers drift apart.

Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth and Steven
Love cannot be forced and if you don’t act on it, it just becomes suffocating. That’s when it’s best to walk out of that relationship.

Blue Valentine – Cindy and Dean
When a beautiful and fun relationship loses its essence, it causes friction. But when that friction continues for long it turns into a dysfunctional, abusive relationship which is pretty much doomed.

500 Days of Summer – Summer and Tom
When infatuation is mistaken for love and when that bubble bursts it can be really painful.

That’s when you see how expectation is so different from reality.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Edward and Bella
When you are obsessed and overprotective about someone and decide to end the relationship because you feel that it will be a logical option, it automatically results into a sob fest.

The NotebookNoah and Allie
When a rich girl and a poor boy falls in love, there’s bound to be some drama when the family finds out. And it does break everyone’s heart when they realize and try to face the fact that it won’t work out.

While watching these movies, which of these scenes made you super emotional? Comment below to let us know.