Films are supposed to reflect the art in life. But what if our lives really worked according to movies?  Rather, what if your life suddenly came through the screen. What would that be like? The scariest thing that could happen is if your favorite romance film suddenly became the template for your life. We thought you might like to know what would happen. So here is a list of 10 romance films that would scare the crap outta you if they were real . 

1. Ghost
Oh joy, your dead husband returns from the grave to haunt you. Perfect isn’t it? Not really. Would you like to have an ectoplasmic entity floating around the house? You’d definitely try to ‘exorcise’ your ex. 
Besides, do you really want to keep that pottery wheel around? 
2. The Lake House

Time-travelling letters. Woohoo… But if it were me, I’d ask for the stock market quotes from the future. Not notes of impending doom and death.  
3. 50 First Dates
Short term memory loss was turned into this cute way a guy has to win the girl over and over again. 
But imagine that in real life. Waking up every morning and trying your level best to tell your SO that there is a perfectly good reason why you are naked in the bed. That would take some explaining. 
4. Snow White
Oh fairy tale romances are sublime to watch. Try living it though. You have to deal with 7 short and smelly miners, a witchy stepmom, dangerous fruit and a prince who thinks that molesting you while you sleep is the best way to wake you. 
Forget mistaken identity, it’s the case of same face but no cigar. Lose the love of your life and fret not. Just find a look-alike with hips that disengage for dance moves, that’s it. How do you explain this to your friends?  
A romance film inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Really? That’s what you want in your life? Warring families, dancing like maniacs and couple that with a suicide pact, trying putting that in a wedding invite. It won’t float in India, we like the newly-weds to welcome us at the wedding. 
7. You’ve Got Mail
Random strangers exchanging mails and hating each other in real life. Try that while living in a metro. You’d jump every time you’d get a mail. Remember “Want to make fraandships with me?” That’s the modern day equivalent. 
8. Love Actually
Multiple stories, and everyone is falling for everyone in Love, Actually. However, how do you pull that off now? Try doing this “six degrees of separation” routine while you romance your SO. They’d think you’re nuts.  
9. Notting Hill
To fall in love with a movie-star and then have her fall in love with you. Are you sure that you’d want this? Think about it now, Facebook stalkers, Twitter twits, and crazed-fans… and that’s just the tip of the crazy-berg. Also, who knows what kinda of diva you got on your hands? Throw in the casting couch, ouch! 
10. Titanic
You will never look at boats the same if your love life was anything like the Titanic. Besides, try this on a train. Go from the General compartment to the AC. First Class and get the girl. Not a chance chief. Tatkal se itnaich ticket milega. Also you might just freeze, while the girl stays floats cozily on that massive door. 
Those are just a few of the examples of romantic films that are truly scary in real life. Honorary mentions include: Pretty Woman (the prostitute of your dreams, girl of your life), Dirty Dancing (are you ready to dance till your feet bleed?) and P.S. I Love You (love letters written by your mother; therapy anyone?) 

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