An ideal cat is lazy, selfish, unfathomable and loves to sleep – just like the notorious Garfield. But don’t be fooled. Such traits are not confined to cats. A great deal of humans can be endowed with these feline attributes. And they can be easily detected at corporate establishments.

So, are you the Garfield in your office? Here are some telltale signs you might just be.

1. You thrive on coffee, and react something like this if you are deprived of your daily dose of caffeine:


2. Your response to Mondays:


3. Jokes about your weight never seem to get old.


4. When your co-workers are discussing their morning gym work-out, and you’re just like…


5. Even if you’ve had a good 9 hours of sleep, you can’t wrap your head around the concept of ‘enough sleep’.


6. Your reaction when someone mentions ‘food’:


7. Your reaction when someone mentions ‘lasagna’:


8. Your day is not complete until you have passed a derisive and nasty comment on your colleagues and clients.


9. Every time there’s a catastrophe, you’re the first one to be accused.


10. Anything that requires you to get out of your chair is of no relevance to you.


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