Have you ever imagined what it would be like if your life was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel? Wait! What if you are already living in such a movie?
To prove it, here are 10 signs you’re living in a Nicholas Sparks movie:

The Hero


The 3 necessary Hs of a Nicholas Sparks hero are handsome, heroic, and handy. If you have these qualities, you rule!


The Heroine

You are single, white, blonde and obviously, beautiful. Brownie points if you are a single mother.


The Neighbor or Best Friend

A forever alone guy. He will remind you of the popular meme, Good guy Greg.


You have unlimited supply of tissues

Life is too short in most of the Nicholas Sparks’ movies. We’re 99.9% certain that at least one person will be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness (odds are it’s cancer). And, we are sorry to inform you that chances are high that they will succumb to their illness.
*Time to bring out the tissues.


You love splashing around!

Does your romantic checklist include smooching in a downpour (The Notebook) or the romantic rains (Dear John) or the hurricane (Night in Rodanthe), sharing a sexy outdoor shower (The Lucky One) and finally, a make-out session near the ocean (The Last Song)? In that case, you are the perfect lead character of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Emails? What are those?

You aren’t much of a tech addict. Letters are very important to you. They remind you of the past, help maintain long-distance relationships and pave the way for a healthy future. P.S. Notebooks are angels in disguise.


If your Facebook display picture resembles this…

or this…




Military Service

You are a true resident of Nicholas Sparks city if you have ever served in the US army. You’ve got the perfect rugged look and are most likely suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Music… Everywhere

Every breath you take… Every move you make… Every bond you break… Every step you take…

A song follows you.


Tinted glow

Visually, most of the scenes in your life look like an Instagram picture, featuring the perfect filter to match your mood. So, what’s today? Lo-Fi, Mayfair or Nashville?

Welcome to the Sparks-ian world, fellas! Need some more? Make your date night spark with Michael Hoffman’s The Best of Me, releasing this week.

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