With the release of Step Up All In on 29th August ’14- the fifth installment in the biggest and hottest dance movie franchise of all time; everyone is breathing, living and talking dance! As the highly anticipated movie takes India by storm, here is low down on what you HAVE to know about the new movie:

1.      The sizzling Ryan Guzman from Step Up 4: Revolution is back playing Sean – the young, driven and conflicted (and hot) male lead … this time he’s paired against Briana Evignan of Step Up 2 – The Streets fame (remember the finale  Rain dance) plays the passionate, loving yet volatile female lead Andie West.

2.      Watch out for the gravity defying and acrobatic extravaganza from Krunk in the movie where he auditions for the dance troupe! We’ve seen it and we promise it’s going to set your heart racing!

3.      An amazing supporting cast of the most talented dance characters that will blow your mind

4.      A killer soundtrack which is already charting globally and has become a dance anthem in clubs everywhere

5.      Check out the background dancers; professionals chosen through social media from uploaded videos showcasing their talents… truly spectacular!

6.      An all-star cast with your favorite characters  ‘Moose, Eddie, Camille, Alexxa , Hair and Jason and their mind blowing dance moves from previous instalments return to create a storm on the dance floor coming together to collaborate for a VH1 competition called "The Vortex" which may give The Elementrix a chance to win a 3 year contract to perform at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

7.      THE VERY VERY VERY REAL DANCING. No CGI FX or special effects used in this one! Just spectacular choreography, amazing talent and a passion to dance… for all the voyeurs  Sorry guys that’s actually real dancers and their rubber bodies creating moves you can only imagine in your dreams

8.      An amalgamation of  the world’s best choreographers dancers amazing dance sequences and various dance styles and forms which will leave you gapping 

9.      Chemistry between the lead characters and the underlying romance will definitely set tongues waging

10.  THE BIG DANCE FINALE! The top four crews battle it out in the movie with a thoroughly enjoyable dance spectacle that will leave you wanting another sequel!


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