The Batman vs Superman trailer dropped a few days ago at the San Diego Comic Con. While we’re still recovering from the sheer awesomeness of the trailer, and how Batman and Superman look in costume, there’s also a few things we managed to spot after taking a closer look at the trailer. Wonder Woman makes an appearance in full costume, Lex Luthor has his hands on some kryptonite, and Superman rips the roof off the Batmobile. Now that’s the obvious bit. But look closer, and you’ll see a detailed world that genius director Zack Snyder has created. Read on to know more!

Gotham and Metropolis are neighbors.
At the SDCC, Snyder revealed that Gotham and Metropolis are neighboring cities, likening them to two sister cities, like San Francisco and Oakland, in the Bay area. This is really interesting, considering how Bats and Supes will be in such close proximity to each other.
Superman destroys a Wayne Enterprises building.
At the beginning of the trailer, we’re shown Bruce Wayne standing, with rubble strewn around him, and a Wayne Financial plaque behind him. Superman wrecked his building, and obviously, Batman wants payback.
BvS takes off right after the events of Man of Steel.
This is a great bit of news, and BvS will take place in the aftermath of the battle between Superman and General Zod in Man of Steel. This is probably where Wayne Financial is destroyed.
The BvS world is connected to Suicide Squad.
In a scene from the trailer, we see Robin’s suit with green spray paint, which reads, “Hahaha, joke’s on you, Batman!” This is probably a nod to the Killing Joke, and Jason Todd’s death.
Batman has a badass suit.
Presenting to you, the all new Mecha Suit!
Michael Caine is gone.
Yes, we’re all a little sad, but he’s replaced by Jeremy Irons, who isn’t bad either!
Jesse Eisenberg has fabulous hair as Lex Luthor.
Check out the trailer, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.
Gal Gadot can kick butt as Wonder Woman.
There was no doubt that Wonder Woman would be awesome, but Gal Gadot redefines badassery with the bracelet force field!
Superman is facing trial.
Supes is in a bit of a legal pickle, and he’s on trial for being a destructive force who needs to be controlled.
Wayne Manor is coming down.
In one scene from the trailer, we see a glimpse of a ruined Wayne Manor, with boarded windows and crumbling walls.
That’s a few things we spotted in the BvS trailer. Let us know if you spotted something else, in the comments below!