He’s back, and he’s ready to give us this year’s definitive action flick. Arnold Schwarzenegger has reprised his career-defining role as The Terminator, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We would be lying if we said we didn’t initially have our doubts. Though Terminator Salvation left something to be desired, it looks like Terminator Genisys is all set to fill in the gaps. The action-packed trailer, which features references to the first three Terminatorfilms, has got us hungry for more. Fortunately, the wait is almost over. But before you watch the T-800 get back in action, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Terminator franchise:

1. It was really cool seeing the world through the eyes of the Terminator. Want to see it again? All you need is an Apple II operating system! Yes, the view through the Terminator’s eyes is merely a dump of code on the system!

2. Ever wondered why the T-1000 has a limp? That can be credited to an injury Robert Patrick sustained when he was younger. The filmmakers decided to keep that in just to stay true to the actor!

3. Remember the voicemail Sarah (Linda Hamilton) received in The Terminator? Well, the voice belonged to director James Cameron himself!

Though he might have ditched her in character, James Cameron and Linda Hamilton eventually got married in 1997!

4. The Terminator was almost played by O.J. Simpson. However, the producers thought he was "too nice" to play a cold-blooded killer! Little did they know…

5. "I’ll be back."

Arguably one of the most iconic dialogues of all time, this line almost didn’t make it to the film. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was conscious of his Austrian accent, couldn’t pronounce "I’ll" as nicely as he would’ve liked to. We’re glad that James Cameron got him to take the leap of faith!

6. It is often assumed that Arnie’s Austrian accent was the reason why he had such few dialogues in the films. However, James Cameron wanted the actor to have fewer dialogues in The Terminator (14 lines) than he did in Conan the Barbarian (24 lines)!

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good friend to have. Just ask Franco Columbu. The champion bodybuilder, who was best friends with Arnie in the ’70s, appears in The Terminator!

8. Finalising on a director for Terminator Genisys was easier said than done. Before zeroing in on Alan Taylor, the producers also considered Ang LeeRian JohnsonDenis Villeneuve and Justin Lin.

9. Remember when the T-1000 morphed into Sarah Connor, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in Judgment Day? There were no special effects involved in the making! The other Sarah was played by Linda Hamilton‘s twin, Leslie Hamilton!

10. While filming Conan the Destroyer, Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to The Terminator as "some s%!* movie" that he was doing. Even he couldn’t have foreseen the places that movie would take him!