Bollywood and Physics rarely have ever seen eye to eye. Though it is not in constant war like the its other counterparts, but the filmmakers in this part of the world always find reasons to ignore the laws of Physics. The audience is sometimes smart enough to understand when a sequence is too exaggerated and for all the other times, there is a reason we have the warning sign ‘Don’t try this at home’. In recent times, Bollywood has been inspired by its friends from the Southern part of India trying to push the boundaries set by science. We have compiled a list of some scenes, some hilarious, some preposterous, all entertaining. The war with Physics wages on.

1. The win over gravity and awesome moves just for the laughs.


2.  Newton’s Law of Motion can go fly a kite 

3. Only Salman can catch up with a moving train

4. Uncountable battles fought here


5.  A scratch on the cheek can cause an earthquake (Who knew?)


6.  Self-driving cars are winning

7. Who knew changing trains is so easy?

8. Of course, a jet ski can reach a helicopter 

9. Did you know, a mine blast can make you fly?

10. The real power lies with ‘Dhai Kilon Ka Haath

All said and done, we secretly enjoy these flights of fancy. It’s all about entertainment, after all. This man may or may not agree.