June 25, 1992. Seems like a fairly ordinary date, right? Well, it wasn't.

It was the day that a star – arguably, Bollywood's biggest star – made his Bollywood debut. Though Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way since Deewana, some things still haven't changed. Even his debut, where he played the second lead, was one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

Today, he is no stranger to breaking box office records and charming audiences everywhere – both on and off the screen. To celebrate 25 golden years of Shah Rukh Khan, we decided to take a walk down memory lane. Here are 10 times SRK was the undisputed King of Bollywood:

1. When he made dancing on a moving train look like the easiest thing in the world:

2. Actually, when he made trains look cool in general:

3. When he made us root for a stalker… How did he manage to do that?

4. When he showed us the only thing better than one Shah Rukh Khan:

5. When he taught every '90s and early 2000s kid the meaning of love.

6. When he did the namumkin – gave remarkable performances in remakes.

7. When one simple name uttered by him gave us chills:

8. When he made failure seem like the best thing that could ever happen to a person:

"Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch haarna padta hai, aur haar kar jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hain."

Because who doesn't want to be a Baazigar?
9. When he showed us that all our dreams can come true:

"Kehte hain ki… Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh puri kayanat ussey tum se milaane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai."

10. Every time he released a film… Because he's Shah Rukh Khan.

Whether he's taking on a serious subject or showing off his comic timing, one thing is for sure – Shah Rukh Khan never fails to dazzle us with his performances. It's been a great 25 years, and here's hoping for 25 more!