Top 10 Hollywood celebrities not on Twitter

We all love Twitter. Its keep us updated, loved, and connected. However, not everyone fancies social networking. Atleast not these celebrities! Though the tinsel town is swept by the Twitter plague, some of Hollywood’s A-listers remain unperturbed by this trend. Yes, they refuse to acknowledge the power of ‘the networking bird’. Moreover, they don’t even intend to join the website anytime soon. #Sigh
So, move on tweeples and quit searching, as the following celebrities have no plans to join Twitter, and here’s why:

George Clooney:

One of the most attractive men in Hollywood is actually against Twitter! The idea of making oneself available to everyone is just not his piece of cake.

Bill Murray:

It’s no surprise we don’t have this charming actor on Twitter. He might be a funny man on screen, but he prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight.

Christian Bale:

With a verified handle @OfficialBale available, people are unsure whether it’s actually him or not. Maybe, he’s using @TheBatman handle, you never know!

Jennifer Lawrence:

This Academy Award-winning actress, who is known for her daring roles, is actually afraid of social networking sites! Strange, but true.  

Robert De Niro:

Known for his prolific career in Hollywood, the veteran actor isn’t really affected by the Twitter mania. Though his loved ones update him on all the happenings, he prefers to keep it that way!

Julia Roberts:

The women who continues to be every man’s dream girl, prefer to talk to people in person. She totally dejects the idea of being addicted to a website.   

Scarlett Johansson:

The superhot actress refuses to even understand the social networking sites. The idea of sharing minute-to-minute updates is completely baseless for her. Sorry tweeples, this hottie is definitely staying away from the Twittersphere!

Daniel Radcliffe:

Well, he has a smart reason. He refuses to be on the networking site because – One can’t claim to want a private life and continue to post momentary updates! #SmartPotter

Benedict Cumberbatch:

Our very own Mr. Holmes claims to be a very talkative person. He thinks he would lose his job, if he ever joined Twitter. Why? Because he would sits hours just editing his tweets!

Kristen Stewart:

If you thought her character in Twilight was weird, wait till you read further. Ms. Stewart refuses to be on Twitter because she thinks, she will be murdered. Yes, according to her beliefs, someone would stalk her post, find out where she is and kill her! 

Anyways, they have their reasons and we have ours. Though these hot-shot celebs would prefer to keep away from the blue bird, we still hope they would change their minds. (P.S: Chris Hemsworth joined recently)

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