The film industry has a unique way of surprising us with its depth of understanding of the common man and his trials and tribulations. Even more beautiful ways are found to portray the same on screen for the world to see. Not everything may ring well with the audience. Some may not find it pleasing or entertaining enough. The movies though make a mark for themselves and deserve to be on many movies-to-watch list. You might wonder where to begin. Don’t worry. We have compiled the perfect list to watch a few rather underrated movies.

1. No Smoking

No Smoking - BookMyShow

2. The Girl In The Yellow Boots

That Girl In The Yellow Boots - BookMyShow

3. The President is Coming

The President Is Coming - BookMyShow

4. Manorama Six Feet Under

Manorama Six Feet Under - BookMyShow

5. A Wednesday

A Wednesday - BookMyShow

6. The Lunchbox

The Luncbox - BookMyShow

7. Dor

Dor - BookMyShow

8. Raincoat

Raincoat - BookMyShow

9. Iqbal

Iqbal - BookMyShow

10. Johnny Gaddar

Johnny Gaddar - BookMyShow