Making wax statues is a slippery slope. It’s not easy to recreate someone’s likeness, and it’s even harder to do it well. Katrina Kaif is the most recent addition to the list of celebrities who have been immortalized in wax. The lovely lady’s statue has certainly divided opinions. While some think that it perfectly captures her beauty, others aren’t as convinced. Kat already has her wax statue, and we’re glad she does. However, there are some wax statues that need a flame lit under them. Here are 10 horribly inaccurate celebrity wax figures that should never have been made:

Michael Jackson

We’re not sure why Michael Jackson looks like Ramu from an Udipi restaurant, but we’ll take what we can get.

Jennifer Lopez

"Hey, let’s just make a generic Latina wax figure and pass it off as JLo!" is probably the thought process that went behind this wax statue.

Tiger Woods

Why does Tiger Woods look like someone sitting in a nana-nani park? We don’t think we want to know.

Prince William

Is it just us or does this statue look straight out of Over the Hedge?

Drew Barrymore

There are bad wax statues, and then there’s this. Is she casting a spell, practicing her martial arts, or simply suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome?


At 56, Madonna is still sexier than most women in entertainment. This statue, however, begs to differ.

Marilyn Monroe

What happens when Jaws meets one of the most beautiful women of Old Hollywood? This monstrosity.

Oprah Winfrey

One of the most notable women of our time has been reduced to this… Whatever it is.

Tom Hanks

If this wax statue was the homeless lovechild of Gerard Butler and Tom Hanks, we’d get it. But it isn’t, so we’re a little confused!

Sandra Bullock

When did Sandra Bullock go from a beautiful Oscar-winning actress to the shabbily-dressed lady at a kitty party?

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