Not many actors have an exclusive signature tune that begins when the opening credits roll in. Well, except one. The actor who is a Demi-God to his fans, the actor who is the messiah of the masses, the actor who sets cash registers ringing and the actor whose fan frenzy provides mass hysteria! It is none other than the legendary superstar, Rajinikanth

Every film of the superstar has one thing in common – The signature tune, that defines the opening name sequences. The music that sets the mood and the prefix that starts to roll in block letters – S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R and transitions into R-A-J-I-N-I. There is another key highlight which is a part of all Rajinikanth films. Intended to target the mass audience, all of Rajini’s film boast of clever and unrestrained punch dialogues. By unrestrained, I mean dialogues that have created phenomenal reach among the audience. These dialogues that addressed the society, celebrated friendship and warned the baddies of the consequences of messing with him. These film dialogues went on to become legendary quotes; which have eventually defined him as a star with a cult following. What’s more? The actor’s much-awaited film, Kochadaiyaan also promises the same spunk to the movie.
Just to clear the myth, Rajinikanth never used the dialogue “Mind it rascala” in any of his films, it was instead, used by Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om. After having starred in more than 150 films till date, the actor’s legacy still continues. As a tribute to this legend, we list some of the most-phenomenal dialogues of the superstar that have been etched in our minds so well, that we’ve begun using them in our day-to-day lives.  
1. “Natpu na enna theriyuma, Nanban na enna theriyuma?’’ (Do you know the meaning of friendship?) – Thalapathy (1991)
This is one of the most heartwarming dialogues mouthed by the superstar, the scene features Rajinikanth alongwith Malayalam legend Mamooty.
2. “Naan Solradaiyum Seiven, Soladadeiyum Seiven” (I’ll do what I say, I’ll also do what I don’t say) – Annamalai (1992)
Loosely-based on Jeffrey Archer’s novel Kane and Able and the Hindi movie, Khudgarz, this movie starred Rajinikanth as a milkman. After being betrayed by his friend-turned-foe, Annamalai delivers this dialogue. This line conveyed the secrecy hidden in his agenda, which was to prove the intentions of his enemy wrong. 
3. “Naan Oru Thadava Sona Nooru Thadava Sonna Madiri’’ (If I say it once, it means that I have said it a 100 times) – Basha (1995)
This movie showcased Rajinikanth as the original ‘Robinhood’ of the underworld. The confrontation between the villain Mark Antony and Basha is one of the most-notable scenes in the film.
4. “Naan eppo varuven eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu. Eppo varunumo appo correctaa varuven” (Nobody knows when I’ll come, how I’ll come. But when I need to come, I`ll be there) – Muthu (1995)
This film directed by ace filmmaker K.S.Ravikumar has the credit of completing a 175-day run at the box-office. The film was dubbed and released in Japan as Muthu Odoru Maharaja, the highly successful innings of the film turned favorable for the actor. Rajinikanth’s popularity soon took over Japan, creating a huge fan base for the actor. 
5. “Andavan Solrar Arunachalam Seiran’’ (God commands it, Arunachalam obeys) –   Arunachalam (1997)
This film revolved around the story of an orphan and the discovery of his life. Arunachalam used this dialogue in the film every time villains conspired against him and his family. The dialogue is followed by the ‘dong’ of the temple bell which indirectly acts as an approval sign by God himself. Directed by Sundar C and dialogues penned by funny man Crazy Mohan, this film went on to win the Best Film at the Tamil Nadu State Awards. 
6. “Poda Andavane Namapakam Irukan’’ (God is on my side) – Padayappa (1999)
If you’re a true believer in God, this motivational quote will pep you up. A quote so popular that, several fans swear by it, especially when they face a tough situation.
7. “Yev Vazhi Thani Vazhi’’ (My way is the road less travelled) – Padayappa (1999) 
Creating a furore among the audience, Padayappa was glorified with punch dialogues. This is one such dialogue which got fans rooting for the Padayappa. 
8. “Pera ketale chumma adirudullah” (Don’t you feel tremors at the mere mention of my name?)  – Sivaji (2007)
Directed by Shankar, this flick witnessed the superstar taking the role of a revolutionist. This movie was converted to 3D and re-released on 12.12.2012 – Rajinikanth’s 62nd birthday. This action-thriller fetched several awards including, the National Award for Best Special Effects. 
9. “Paningadhan kootama varum, singum single adhan varum” (Only pigs wander as a  group, the Lion always goes solo) – Sivaji (2007)
This is probably the best one-line insult you can apply in your life! In a scene where Sivaji is attacked by ten thugs, he is ridiculed about his solo appearance to a deserted place. To which Sivaji strikes back with this massive dialogue, and begins to deliver some physics-defying action stunts aka Rajini style.
10. “Speed one terabyte, memory one gigabyte dot’’Endiran (2010)
Believed to be India’s most expensive film till date, Endiran featured Rajinikanth in dual roles. One of a scientist and the other of robot. Fans got to see the bad side of Rajini as he played the role of an antagonist after several years. This film also starred Aishwarya Rai alongside the superstar.
11. "Vaipugal Amayadhu, Namdhan amaithukolla vendum" (Opportunities don’t just happen; One has to make them happen) – Kochadaiyaan (2014)
The superstar’s much-anticipated forthcoming movie, Kochadaiyaan also promises some sharp punch dialogues. The film’s dialogues are sure to get thunderous applause from all his fans. The 3D-motion capture film is all set to release in six languages in May. 

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