One thing that I unfailingly manage, even after 14 years, is getting people straight-faced with just one sentence – “I love Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”. But, I do! I am not ashamed. I have watched the movie a few too many dozen times. Two sets of VCDs (CD1 + CD2 + CD3, thank you very much), one DVD, an audio cassette, 210 minutes multiplied by a “few too many dozen times” and 872 liters of tears – such has been my life. I am even cheesy enough to whistle (I pride myself at my whistling skills btw) the K3G theme at almost every farewell party I am at. The party invites have dropped considerably ever since. No grudges held. 

I was 18 then. I am 32 now. I have braved being judged by my peers; my wife has threatened me with dire consequences if she ever catches me watching the movie once again; I have fumed at (and laughed uncontrollably) at some incredibly funny people in the country and beyond who poked fun at K3G; I have never loved Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham any less
Do I find the movie corny? Sure, I do. But never before have I confessed and only at the boss’ behest today have I sat down to list some instances from the movie that made this incredibly badass heavy metal singer and a media professional howl worse than the time the fastest bowler on the school cricket team hurled a bad one at him. You see, I wasn’t particularly as awesome as "Rohan" when I walked on to the pitch with a bat in my hand.

That time when kiddy Rahul realizes he is adopted and stands with his hands folded before “YASHVARDHAN RAICHAND”  

Your sibling never pulled this trick on you? You’ve never been told you were adopted? C’mon! I had a sad childhood. Poor li’l me, the only child for the longest time had my heart broken by my mother of all people, who thought it would be funny to try this stunt. Cruel! Leave alone that she didn’t have the most flattering things to hear from my grandmother and my old man eventually but it took a while before I was convinced that "Haha I am adopted. Not".
So, when little Rahul stands before his father humbled and enlightened, I am sorry, the dam bursts. 
That time when adult Rahul is showed his way out of the Raichand mansion

One you’re adopted, two you decide to marry against your scary father’s wishes, three you continue to call your ugly brother ugly, you are a sucker for punishment, Rahul! Then, my heart went out for him nonetheless when he is shown the door eventually. Of course, it would, because “ma mujhe tujhse zyaada pyaar karti hai”. And when cut to Nandini Raichand, oh God, the dam bursts. 
That time when adult Rohan meets a silly adult Rahul in London for the first time

I have for several times through K3G doubted the love a younger brother has for a very irritating elder sibling (try living a life being called laddoo even when you’re pretty sure Karan Johar is pretty sure you will grow up to be a stud and try living a life being told your mum doesn’t love you enough). 
Having said that when trembling-severely-in-England "Kabhi Yash Kabhie Rohan" meets his elder brother after a long time as is suggested, you’re filled with serious love for horrible siblings and yup, the dam bursts. 
That time when the National Anthem is butchered by Rahul Raichand Jr. 

I actually have no good reason here but no Bharatbala Production has moved me so much. I think I died a little when the handicapped English child raises her hand in respect. Yes, I am the one who is going to dirtily stare down your soul if I don’t find you standing while the Anthem is played. Yes, I stood up at the movie and I stand up in my living room every time I watch this scene. You may roll your eyes; this weak dam bursts. 
That time when adult Rahul realizes (finally) it is adult Rohan and not Yash

Oh man! That “ghar vaapas aa jaao, bhaiya” on the bench. Refer to the brother-waala point before. Same reasons. I sometimes try to mimic Hrithik Roshan from the scene and I do such a good job, you know that dam and that bursting thing? 
However, I think I cried a little harder when Saeeda aka DJ insists on tying adult Rohan’s shoelaces and then goes, “Mera Babaaaa…”. What? You’re made of stone! 
That time at the Blue Water Mall

I am not even going to try and justify this one. The first time I was watching this movie, I almost choked when adult Rahul hugs mommy and points at dorky Rahul Raichand Jr. Such happiness. Much bursting dams.
and of course, that time when…Suraj Hua Maddham

Why? Well because #14YearsofK3G is also #14YearsofFirstHeartbreak. Too many memories. Damn dam, you know what to do.  
P.S.: Dear ex-classmate, if you are reading this and still have the CD3 of my Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham VCD you borrowed, please return it. It has been #10YearsofBorrowing. (Why else do you think I would have two VCDs of this movie?)