They say choose your words wisely. And this is probably the baseline for the plot of this short film. 1500 Words by Andrew Chaplin is a dark comedy that has shades of humor and affliction. It is an interesting film from the director of the five-part web-series "BBC" sitcom Witless.  

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The film starts in a damp, almost Instagram filter-ish looking clinic. The doctor breaks the news that the protagonist of the film has just 1500 words left before his life ends. After wasting most of his words on reacting to his bizarre condition, our man Stanley Franks miserly uses the rest of his remaining words. He has much to say to his girlfriend, but he can’t afford too many of them. He struggles to keep his love alive while saying as little as possible. Substituting most of his words for winks, long stares and friendly punches, he expresses his love. Too-much-too-handle for his girlfriend, the long loving stares backfire.  

The tragic story has blended funny scenes extremely well. The actors in the film play their roles with the perfect balance of apathy and absorption. You know perfectly well that the story’s essence is born out of sadness, yet 1500 Words succeeds in making you laugh. 

Watch this not-so-lighthearted comedy below: