We love a lot of things about celebrities. The clever way they charm us with their performances, their good looks, and their movies. But take a look at their childhood photos and you’ll know that they were also young and innocent once. And quite sweet and appealing even then. Or maybe it’s just that we can’t resist cute kiddie photos. Who can? Everyone looked cute when they were young. Look up your own childhood snaps if you don’t believe us! 

We bring to you some rare photos of celebrities that are sure to surprise you. Can you guess who these adorable cuties grew up to be?
A child prodigy who turned out to be India’s most popular star.
Kamal Haasan
Once a cutie, always a cutie!
Quite easy to spot this pretty girl.
She grew up to be a majestic Queen.
Anushka Shetty
Even back then, she could put on a sad puppy face.
How adorable does she look?
Shruti Haasan
It looks like she was always a poser.
The hero of the masses was a skinny lad once.
Looks like a disciplined kid. Right?
He was always intense and focused, even as a kid.
Ram Charan
You’re now looking at the mighty Baahubali.
That perfect smile- then and now.
Did he really turn out to be the fierce Komban?
Notice his commanding pose? This clearly indicates the body language of a leader. No wonder he turned out to lead the Nadigar Sanam. 
Everybody knew this child artist would become a well-known star, one day.
His charming smile says its all!
Mahesh Babu
 Can you believe this 6-feet tall actor was this little once?
Rana Daggubati
A transformation, indeed!
Dulquer Salmaan
Nazriya was always a pretty girl with chubby cheeks.
Nazriya Nazim