Review: To start with, 21 & Over will generate varied reactions from two categories of people. First being those set of people who have seen the massive hit Hangover and second being those who haven’t. From the writers of The Hangover ( John Lucas & Scott Moore), this film is recurrently in the style of the aforementioned movie. If it had been only a matter of style, it would have been fine but here the content is also more or less the same with changes being made in this film only in order to qualify for being called as a different film than The Hangover. That repetitive old story of friends on a rampage in a single night simultaneously going through much chaos and witnessing debauchery only to realize their true bonds of friendship is something the intended audience of this movie is comfortably familiar with. With this fact in place, the direction automatically calls for much thoughtfulness and precision in the approach. Sadly, it dissappoints us with the average treatment of a template script (no wonder, it is also directed by the writers of The Hangover). This film fairly confirms the fact that when a certain movie becomes successful, not only Bollywood but even Hollywood starts to manufacture the same kind of movies just to relentlessly capitalize on the trend.

On the brighter side, the length of 21 & Over is suitably apt which makes it a watchable one. Teen audience will find it funny and enjoyable along with those who haven’t seen the The Hangover series. For the rest, they can choose to either watch it or not.

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