Director: Chris Miller, Phil Lord  
Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle  
Synopsis: When Schmidt And Jenko land up in the police training academy to become hot-shot cops, life doesn’t quite turn the way they wanted it to be. A duty in the park and an incident later, they find themselves at 21 Jump Street, that changes their lives altogether. Under the leadership of a constantly cussing afro American, they are sent to the local high school on a mission as students to investigate a drug ring. Infiltrating the school and finding the supplier takes more twists and turns with a swap of identities and a journey to discover themselves on the opposite sides of the popularity spectrum.  
Review: An attempt at remaking Johnny Depp’s 80’s show, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have made a reasonably entertaining action flick.  
Jenko played by Channing Tatum depicts a classic example of brawn without brain. He portrays a “jock” in high school and later becomes a rough and sturdy man who thought being a cop would be all about car chases and explosions. Sadly, his expectations weren’t met until he was sent to 21 Jump Street for an undercover mission.

Schmidt played by Oscar nominee Jonah Hill represents a shy and under confident high school nerd whose life revolved around books. Needless to say, he was terrible in sports and that’s where the expertise of our “so called cool dude” Jenko came as a knight in shining armor for him.  However, we see a total contrast in his personality when he is sent as an undercover agent to a local high school and befriends the cool and the popular gang. 

Co-produced and edited by Oscar nominee Jonah Hill, the movie revolves around Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum), who were enemies in high school but became friends in police department in a rather symbiotic relationship, helping each other at grades and physical activities.  

What they thought to be an exciting life of a cop, turned out to be highly mundane with them being assigned a duty at a park, but as fate has it they were sent to 21 Jump Street to train them as undercover agents under the mentorship of an Afro-American Captain Dickson played by Ice Cube, whose conversations with anybody started and ended with cussing.  

The first assignment was to investigate a drug racket in a local high school, wherein Jenko and Schmidt found themselves to be playing contrasting characters as undercover agents. The movie highlights an important thought that exists in every individual’s mind as how it would be reliving those high school years all over again.  

Clearly, reality strikes them with a blow as they figure out that high school has changed significantly over the years. That being said, Jenko and Schmidt manage to pull a reasonable act as high school students owing to their youthful and young appeal. 
A sudden switch of identities, takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of discovering the extremities of their personalities, as they adapt themselves to an absolutely different section of people at high school, thus making the storyline amusing and action packed.

The stunts have been well filmed and bring a little adrenalin rush though making it an add-on feature of the movie albeit predictable at some points. 

The movie progresses with Jenko and Schmidt finding out the cool and the nerds being equally involved in the drug racket. Eric played credibly by Dave Franco, is another environment lover, a student involved in the drug ring. Molly Tracey played by Brie Larson , is amused by Schmidt and convincingly plays a teenage in the movie.

Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson and Peter Deluise starred in the original TV series and made cameo appearances here. Since most members of the audience for this film will be too young to remember the series the subtle references will be lost on them. 

In the first half, the slapstick humour of the movie manages to crack you up, but as the movie proceeds you find it to be highly predictable.  

Verdict: All in all the movie is fun to watch, with the right mix of action and humour, just that it fails to bring something new to the platter. I’d recommend it as a one-time watch with folks and friends this weekend. 

Vaani Malik

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