Malavita: Film Review

A gangster movie which isn`t a typical gangster movie and chooses to focus on the family aspect of the gangster`s lives is both an amusing and boring movie experience .The movie focusses on Giovanni Manzoni (Robert de Niro) of a notorious mafia clan who is sent to France under the witness protection programme. The film tries to weave the story around his family as he is living in France with his wife, son and daughter. His whole family displays violent behaviour in their personality thereby creating mess in the area where they live.

What is amusing about the movie is that the violence is depicted in an amusing manner, speaking on the behalf of the lives of the family. Satirically, Malavita tries to show the effect of the life lead in crime has its own effects and dealing with it can be quite a task. Robert de Niro wants to write a book about his experiences as a crime boss and finds much joy in writing that. His daughter wants love in life and falls for a Math geek in the college . His son is constantly getting in the fights at the school where he studies. His wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) has her own violent moments (blows up a super market nearby ). All this chaos makes the movie even more funny and pains a rather amusing picture of the family . But everything is not so funny. De Niro’s enemies are on a look out for him and chases him to France in the final climax . This becomes a rather scary situtaion and the whole family fights with that and comes together .Malavita is definitely made with an unique approach but also misses at times . The direction tries to do justice to the script which doesn`t seem to hold much in it.

Acting by Robert de Niro acting is is almost perfect and Michelle Pfeiffer gives an equally good performance, justifying her talent .Moreover, the film is just meant to be seen on a light note anbd is enjoyable that way only. Movie reminds and also pay tribute to Scorsese’s Goodfellas in a rather interesting fashion. Malavita, at the end is a interesting movie which can be hit or a miss affair at the box office.

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