True crime has proven to be a successful genre, time and again; and all for good reason. After all, no horror movie can give us the chills as much as these very real horrors can. Though we’ve all watched the tales of Ted Bundy and Ed Gein, there are many more horrific stories that haven’t been adapted into movies yet. Here are 3 serial killers whom we’d like to see on the silver screen:

Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight is the first Australian woman to ever be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Everyone who knew the story of her exploits knew exactly why this wasn’t a surprise.

Though she was a pleasant young girl, Katherine occasionally experienced fits of rage that were impossible for her to control. Knight, who started off as a high school bully, eventually ended up taking her “dream job” at a slaughterhouse. She quickly worked her way up from there, trying to strangle her first husband on their wedding night. After that, she dropped off her two-month-old daughter on a railway line, eventually she went on a rampage where she attacked a woman.

However, this was just the beginning. Katherine married a man named John Price, who later imposed a restraining order on her. He joked to his friends that if he didn’t show up to work one day, it was probably because his wife had killed him. Little did he know that would happen one day when the couple reunited for a night of passion. Knight stabbed him 37 times, after which she skinned him and cooked parts of his body. As if that wasn’t messed up enough, she also served them on plates that were labelled with the names of his children!

Adolfo Constanzo

When you think about it, Adolfo Constanza never really had a chance at a normal life. When he was just a baby, a priest gave him some water that had been used to boil human bones. What followed was a life of devil worship, devoted followers and cold-blooded murder.

As a teenager, Constanzo began following the religion of Palo Mayombe, which heavily relies on animal sacrifice. But like most phases one goes through when they’re a teenager, Constanzo grew out of it. However, as an adult, he became a follower of Kadiempembe, his version of Satan. Along with three ardent followers, he started performing elaborate animal sacrifice rituals and spells. His clientèle included powerful druglords from Florida, who believed that these spells would help their cartels earn profits. But animal sacrifice quickly escalated to human sacrifice, which Constanzo claimed would keep the Gods happy.

At first, he would scrounge graveyards and look for human remains. But there came a point when that wasn’t enough. Constanzo’s ranch quickly became a hub for killings. The bodies were mutilated, with members of the cartels taking turns drinking the blood of the deceased. Constanzo’s tale, though horrific, was short-lived. When he was 26, he found himself in a showdown with the police that couldn’t possibly have ended well. He then ordered his followers to shoot him and his lover. Isn’t it such a fitting end?

H. H. Holmes

H. H. Holmes’ story is one that will make haunted houses feel like amusement parks. Though the notorious serial killer confessed to 27 murders, his estimated body count is suspected to be as high as 200.

So, how did he pull these off? Simple. Holmes designed and opened the World’s Fair Hotel. Though it doesn’t sound as ominous, this was a three-storey building (also known as his “Murder Castle”) designed to kill. Hazardously placed gas lines, windowless rooms and one-sided doors were just a few of the highlights of the hotel. He managed to do this discreetly by hiring a number of construction workers who worked on the building at different points of time. This ensured that Holmes was the only person who knew the final design of the building.

Holmes’ victims included his female employees, romantic partners and hotel guests. Though some of them were asphyxiated, other victims were skinned and crafted into cadavers for medical schools. When the economy forced him to move, Holmes was sent into a downward spiral. What followed was an attempt to fake his death and swindle an insurance company. However, things didn’t go as planned and he was convicted for attempted fraud. The public quickly caught wind of the rest of his actions, leading to his execution.

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