Soha Ali Khan is making a comeback and this time she is paired with Vir Das in a gritty period drama – 31st October. Directed by the National Award-winning filmmaker Shivaji Lotan Patil, this film tries to recreate the gruesome events that took place in India on 31st October, 1984 after the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This is indeed a sensitive topic, and it’s about time people get a chance to witness the aftermath of this incident.

In this film, Vir Das plays the role of a Sikh named Devender while Soha Ali Khan plays the role of his wife. This film highlights the struggle and the agony of their family who are rendered helpless because of the situation, but are determined to fight for their survival. In order to create an impact without making the film look sensationalized, the director has shot the film at real locations and offers us a glimpse of the massacre and the riots that followed the assassination. 

Through this trailer, valid questions are raised that make you think if it’s fair to make others suffer for the actions of a few, if it’s justified to take a rash step against a community and deem all its people as traitors of Indira Gandhi. To get an essence of the situation, watch the trailer to know.

Not so long ago, Chauthi Koot, a Punjabi film was released, which was also based on the same premise. Gurvinder Singh, the director of this film had captured the tremors of the incident with subtlety, which will definitely leave you shellshocked. When you watch the trailer of 31st October, you get to see the effects of mainstream cinema at play. The overall look of this film is thrilling and it promises to meet the interest of history and political enthusiasts.

For now, 31st October is slated to be released on 7th October, 2016. To get updates on the film, watch this space for more details.