Whenever we see a Disney Castle light up, our hearts melt and the smile on our faces refuses to leave. We may be five or sixteen or sixty, but we never, never seem to outgrow these cute films; films that not only make us laugh and cry, but also make us wish we were in them. Most of us are obsessed with these and why shouldn't we be. They have taught us to broaden our imagination and to stretch our boundaries to achieve what we have to. No matter what our age, Disney films make the little kid in all of us joyful.

Let us have a quick look at a few Disney films that adults love:

Although the film is the story of an eleven-year old girl told through the feelings in her head, it is essentially a film about mental health. It reinforces the fact that feelings are neither good nor bad, they simply are.INSIDE OUT - BookMyShow

This film has a different take on True Love. Despite being loosely based on Sleeping Beauty, this film is nothing like it. As children, we have been made to believe in true love only coming to us in the form of romance. However, with Maleficent, Disney gets it right. We finally know, true love does not have to be romantic.


3. UP
Emphasizing the importance of dreams in life, UP is a film about Carl fulfilling his late wife Ellie's dream of living in the hard-to-find Paradise Falls, even after she's gone. To make it there, he ties the house with over 10,000 helium balloons. We could go nowhere but UP!

UP - BookMyShow

The recent Disney release, Zootopia, is probably the best animated film one would have ever seen. With animals living in a world that seems like ours, this film is an allegorical representation of humans. What comes across as a positive message in the film is that we are not defined by anybody's perception of us, and that there is nothing we cannot do, if we put our hearts to it.ZOOTOPIA - BookMyShow