The first month of the New Year is over. As the Earth continues to spin wildly across the cosmos, we get this small realization that our horrible days don’t matter. The best part of our existence is that we can choose to laugh at our troubles. Cinema has been a wonderful medium for this. In doing so, we got comedy, along with it, we got comedians. These funny people have been making us laugh about the world and the troubles therein for a long time. One of these legends is Leslie Nielsen.

Leslie Nielsen was one of the greatest comic actors Hollywood has ever seen. He started off with serious roles but he is best-known for his work in comedy in the ’80s and ’90s. His gift was the ability to deliver his lines completely dead-pan. Some of his movies weren’t well-received when they were first released, but they got resurrected to cult-film status after their video release. Here are a few of the films of his that made me laugh:

1) Dracula: Dead and loving it:
This was a classic Mel Brooks parody. Leslie Nielsen played Count Dracula, with a pronounced Transylvanian accent and a pronounced widow’s peak. This movie took the old horror classics and brought them to the limelight. With classic puns and humorous gaffes, we got to see the humor in horror.


2) Airplane!:
This was his breakout movie in the funny business. The film was directed by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker. The movie parodied the whole disaster airplane genre films of the generation. Leslie Nielsen played the doctor onboard the flight. One of his lines in the movie made it into the ‘Top 100 Hollywood quotes’. Watch it and remember, don’t call him Shirley.


3) The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
Naked Gun is an epic film. This was the first in the Naked Gun series. Leslie Nielsen played Lt. Frank Drebin, an inept and often accident-prone police officer. This was a parody based on the cop-movie genre. You might want to make sure that you are not watching this movie while eating or even drinking any fluids.


4) Spy-Hard:
This was an amazing foray into the world of spy movies. Actually, it went the other way. But we’ve got to have a laugh whilst Agent W.D. – 40 attempts to save the world from an evil general. What could possibly go wrong? In fact, everything does. A parody of the whole James Bond genre, we got to see Leslie Nielsen run around with pretty girls, fast cars, and shoot bad guys. What more could you ask for?

Leslie Nielsen had a brilliant career. The mark he left on humor and comedy will ensure that his legacy lives on. At the end of a stressful week, just find one of these movies, get some popcorn ready and laugh your troubles away. If there are any other movies of his that you might have enjoyed, we would like to hear what they are. Leave a comment in the box. Yup, we are, and don’t call us Shirley!

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