Aashiqui (1990)

Aashiqui 2 has become a huge hit and everybody is humming to its songs, especially the soulful ‘Tumhi Ho’. For all those people who are die hard romantic & have enjoyed this movie will surely love the previous instalment; original musical blockbuster from Hindi cinema, Aashiqui (1990). Such was the effect of this movie when it was released that entire nation sang its song and continue to do so even till now.Expecience the journey backwards from ‘Tumhi Ho’ to ‘Ab Tere Bin Jee Lenge Hum’ this weekend.
Swades (2004)
This is one movie where Shahrukh Khan deserves respect for his acting as he understood and stayed miles away from playing his usual charm. “We the people” was the message which is cinematically woven in this tale of patriotism by one of the finest directors of Indian cinema (Ashutosh Gowarikar). A movie which essentially sums up that how important it is to return back to our roots and take responsibilty for bringing the change we want to see.
And yes, music is given by the Mozart of Madras, Mr. A.R. Rehman!
The Bucket List(2007)
A movie that tells us the tale of two friends. A movie that has Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. A movie that will put tears to your eyes and yet leave you with a smile that’s right from the heart. This is a movie that one should not miss. Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and set out to do things they have wanted to do all their lives. The Bucket List. Their journey is nothing short of breathtaking and so will be your experience while watching this. 
Side Effects (2013)

A film that features the likes of Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones and is directed by Steven Soderbergh.The movie showcases the life of Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara) who is a depressed, suicidal person. She is introduced to Ablixa, a drug prescribed by her psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law). What happens after that is blissful darkness that meets brilliance. Side Effects has the perfect concoction of intense drama and suspense. The movie is slow, no doubt, but the intensity of it all and Jude Law’s acting makes up for it. The movie is a dark journey and Dr. Banks awaits a few diabolical twists and turns.

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