There are very few gems in Bollywood when it comes to horror movies. And even fewer, are successful franchises. After the Ramsay Brothers took 80s by storm with their string of horror movies, the 90s was very lacking in that particular genre. All that changed when Raaz released in 2002. Not only did the audience get to see a Bollywood horror movie after a long time, but it also became the foundation on which the genre horror made a comeback in Bollywood. In the years since 2002, about 50 other horror movies have released and some of them with sequels and spin-offs of their own. With the release of Raaz Reboot drawing near, let's look back at a few little-known facts of this franchise.

It’s a tale of revenge
Agreed that this is not a little-known fact for those who have seen all the movies. But there is this underlying theme of revenge against the people who have wronged the spirits. Either the spirits exact revenge themselves or take help of some other supernatural element. And if you haven’t caught up with the series, now is a good time as any.

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The highest grossing Bollywood horror movie
Raaz 3 is known to be the highest grossing Bollywood horror movie at the time of its release with a box office collection of about 70 crores. If that doesn’t establish the fact that this is a successful franchise, we don’t know what will. Raaz 3 is also the first movie of the series to be shot in 3D.


Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea’s voices were dubbed
At the time when this movie was made, the producers were working on a low budget and hence had chosen to cast Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea, who were making it big in the modeling world but were newcomers in Bollywood. Their voices were dubbed by Mona Ghosh Shetty and Vikram Bhatt respectively.


Haunted lodgings
The Fern Hill Hotel, where the crew stayed during the filming, had them shivering. No, not because of the cold. The hotel was shut down because of its reputation of being haunted. Once when Saroj Khan, along with her troupe had checked in late, they were kept awake by someone rearranging the furniture upstairs. When they complained, the manager took them outside and showed them that there was no floor above them!

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