As if singer Abhijeet's tweet about the Indian army is not enough, we've got another famous Bollywood singer jumping into this whole twitter business to steal some limelight. One of the most acclaimed singers of Bollywood, Sonu Nigam, has managed to grab our attention, not because of his singing abilities, but this time for his words. Sonu stirred up a storm on social media with his latest tweets complaining about the morning Azaan from a mosque presumably near his house. He was so displeased by the sound of Azaan that he termed it as “forced religiousness”. It seems twitteratis were just waiting to troll because as soon as this tweet came, they got into action. This is not the first time Sonu has courted controversy outside his singing profession.

While the singer is currently at the centre of raging debates in television studios, we give you few other occasions when he had a brush with controversy.

1. When he defended self-proclaimed god-woman, “Radhe Maa” and criticised those who judged her for wearing short clothes. When he got trolled over twitter for defending this woman, he even went on to explain his views and called all the twiterattis hooligans.

2. When he just took it up on himself to entertain his co-passengers on a flight and started singing on flight's microphone. It was the poor crew who got suspended for allowing him to use the public address system to sing on flight. It seemed Sonu took his profession quite seriously and considered it his duty to entertain his fellow passengers, without even being asked to.

3. When he jumped into that infamous intolerance debate. He defended Aamir Khan's controversial statement on intolerance and pointed out that celebrities can't even have the liberty to have an opinion and express their ideology. Twitteratis took it upon themselves to give Sonu a piece of their minds.

4. When Sonu Nigam surprised all overnight with his announcement of retirement from singing after having a tiff with a music company. He tweeted a series of tweets on Dec 13, 2013 about his decision of quitting over some contractual issue with some music company. However, this music company in question later on made peace with Sonu and the whole matter was joked about.