"Man of my dreams, this man of mine may truly… kill me."

The latest trailer for David Fincher‘s Gone Girl was unveiled earlier this week, giving us another glimpse into the film. The trailer starts off on a lighter note, showing us the couple’s first meeting. However, the focus quickly shifts to the darker side of their relationship. From Nick’s charming avatar, the trailer quickly moves to Amy’s fear, which ties in with the search for her whereabouts.

What sets this trailer apart from everything else we’ve seen from this film so far, is definitely how it showcases the various aspects of Nick and Amy’s relationship. Though Nick seems like the most-plausible suspect, fans of the book know that the story is more complicated than we could’ve imagined. The trailer showcases various facets of their marriage; including Amy’s own flaws and the other people in her life.

Another thing we loved about the trailer was how it showcased characters like Tommy O’Hara (Scoot McNairy), Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris) and Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry). Though they seem insignificant at first, the characters are crucial in finding Amy.

The trailer also features haunting music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who also helmed the soundtracks for Fincher’s last two films (The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). It is also shot in the dark and eerie style that we’ve come to expect from the filmmaker.

With all this and more, it looks like the film will be one of the year’s best thrillers. October can’t come soon enough! Are you as excited for the film as we are? Watch the new trailer right here:

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