Actors who have reached a certain standing and popularity get to pick the roles they want, from the ones they are offered. If you believe this statement, we are going to prove that this is not true. There have been a variety of instances where the actors were forced to take up the roles, probably because of the contract they had signed earlier and they had to go through with the movie. These actors did not even change their minds after the movie became a hit and their performance was well appreciated, which shows that these actors are committed to their craft. Here are some instances of actors who were forced to do the roles they were not fond of.

Natalie Portman – Thor: The Dark World

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She has played Padme in the Star Wars franchise and even managed to not get typecast because of her talent and the variety of movies she does. She had overlooked the fact that she was signing a multi-film deal when she had signed Thor and when the time came to make the sequel she wasn’t ready for it because she wanted to spend time with her new-born baby. But a contract is a contract and we saw Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World.

Daniel Craig – James Bond

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We love him as the suave and sophisticated 00 agent. He is considered one of the best Bonds till date and his story line has given a new depth to the character, which the previous movies had failed to achieve. It is no secret that in spite of the  character depth, Daniel Craig was afraid of being typecast and wanted an out before his last release, Spectre. He has finally managed to distance himself from the franchise before he was forced to do one more movie.

Channing Tatum – G. I. Joe

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Contracts can be nasty things and they can usually make you do things you wouldn’t do otherwise. That’s what happened with Channing Tatum. He was forced to do the movie to fulfill his contract with Paramount Pictures. He admitted to being a fan of the series but he was not very fond of the script. Although he was not happy doing it, it was one of the stepping stones that made him so popular. But he managed to separate himself from the sequel after a very brief cameo he got a clean cut out of the franchise.

Edward Norton – The Italian Job

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Edward Norton signed a two-movie deal with Paramount (they do this all the time, supposedly) after his movie Primal Fear, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Paramount included this two-movie clause when he had signed up for Fight Club. But Norton didn’t sign any movie with them for a long time. Eventually, they had to threaten him with a law suit for him to act in the movie The Italian Job, but he managed to get out of promoting the movie.

Val Kilmer – Top Gun

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Val Kilmer wanted nothing to do with Top Gun, a movie that made him so popular. The director (Tony Scott) apparently refused him to leave the room until he agreed to sign the movie. He might have been hesitant and a tad forced to take up the role but that did not stop him from working with the director again in the movie ‘True Romance’.
If anything, this teaches us that the stuff in fine print should always be carefully read and the consequences must be weighed. Do you know any other actors who were not fond of their roles but worked in the movie anyway? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.