Bollywood films are a mixture of so many things. They have dramaromanceactiondance and of course, comedy. Now when we say comedy, we know it is never easy for an actor to deliver the punchline at the perfect time. While we may have seen many actors who have played funny characters in their films, not all manage to leave a mark and are remembered among the best comedians of their time. 
There are few actors who personally love to play a funny character in their films. These are the ones who have actually managed to impress the audience over the years with their hilarious performances on screen.
Let's take a look at few of such actors who can actually become excellent stand-up comedians in real life.


Paresh Rawal
This actor is well-known for his comic timing. Think Andaz Apna ApnaJudaaiHera Pheri and many more. His character in Hera Pheri in which he played Baburao was one of his best performances. The actor is very witty in real life too and can bea rather good stand-up comic. 

Arshad Warsi

Circuit, yes that is what we all are reminded of when we think of Arshad Warsi. This actor comes with some enviable acting skills and has proved it by not just doing comic roles but also some notable serious ones. We all have loved him as Circuit in Munnabhai series and going by his real-life persona, we would love to attend a gig if he is ever the stand-up act. 

Rajpal Yadav
Another actor with great talent. Rajpal Yadav over the years has impressed the audience with some brilliant comic roles that he has played. At times, just his expressions and body language is enough to make people laugh. This actor can certainly be a fantastic stand-up comedian if he wishes to. 

Boman Irani
The more we sing praises of this actor, the less it is. One can keep on praising him for his performances, after all he deserves it all. We have seen him deliver incredible performances over the years. He can definitely make it as a fantastic stand-up comedian and continue to make us laugh even when he retires from acting. 

Saurabh Shukla
One of the few truly versatile actors of the industry. We enjoyed watching him in the Jolly LLB and Jolly LLB 2 where he plays the character of a judge who is never taken seriously but eventually has the last word. Comic or serious roles, Saurabh Shukla pulls them all off with ease. We are sure if it ever had to be a stand-up act, we'd pay good money to watch him.

Which of these actors would you like to see as stand-up comedians? Let us know in your comments below.