Sometimes while watching a Marvel movie or a TV series, you see some familiar faces and can't remember where you have seen them before. Apart from the heroes, Marvel has a huge array of supporting cast and sometimes the same is repeated in other movies. Maybe our attention to detail is underestimated. Sometimes they are even as leads but in a different role. Like Agent Phil Coulson who became a regular and even got his own TV series later or like Sean Gunn who played Kraglin and Rocket/Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy. Here are some more actors who played multiple roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Enver Gjokaj
Marvel - BookMyShowWe remember him as Agent Sousa from the Agent Carter mini-series but he made a blink-and-miss appearance in the Avengers movie as Officer Sanders. With the difference in the timelines, it is not possible that both be the same characters but we are glad that post his appearance in Avengers, he moved on to bigger things.

Imogen & Isabella Poynton
Marvel - BookMyShowRemember Clint Barton's daughter in Age of Ultron? She was played by the twins Imogen and Isabella Poynton. It wasn't the twin's first appearance in the MCU. They were briefly seen in Guardians of the Galaxy as Corpsman Day's daughter.

Matt GeraldMarvel - BookMyShowMatt Gerald as Melvin Potter worked with the Daredevil and supplied him with all the necessary suits and instruments. However, he was first seen in All Hail the King, which was a Marvel One-Shot that accompanied the DVD release of Thor: The Dark World. Although he played different characters, there was a way Marvel could have pulled it off as one.

Tony Curran
Marvel - BookMyShowBor from Thor: The Dark World was seen as Finn Cooley in the second season of Daredevil. If the face seems extremely familiar, it is because he also played Vincent Gogh in the Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor.

Laura Haddock
Marvel - BookMyShowShe was first seen as a Captain America fan in Captain America: The First Avenger and later as the Star-Lord's mother in Guardians of the Galaxy. Although both the roles were brief, keen eyes were quick to notice that it was the same actress. This is another one of those roles, Marvel could have pulled off as the same person although that would involve a bit of playing with time.

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