When they say unleash the beast inside, these characters take it way too seriously.

We first became familiar with the term ‘Animagus’ through the Harry Potter films. The term basically refers to humans who have the ability to transform into animals at will. There are so many great characters out there who can do that. But there are a selected few who also make the cut as adorable pets.

Here’s who you should add to your Christmas wishlist:

1. Sirius Black (Harry Potter franchise)

Turns into: Huge Black Dog

This guy is Sirius-ly awesome!
Not only does Sirius make a reliable pet, you can also ask him to be your Godfather.
In case you are not a dog person, you can always settle for Minerva McGonagall.

2. Beorn (The Hobbit Trilogy)

Turns into: Furry Fighting Bear

How about you walk into the park and introduce your friends to your new best friend. And then scare them senseless by unleashing his wild side in the form of a bear. Beorn is super cool, huggable and makes for an amazing camping buddy too.

3. Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Turns into: A Slimy Toad

Here’s one pet who knows his way around the ladies. He won’t transform unless he is kissed by a princess. Perfect wing-man material!

4. Rajni (Nagina)

Turns into: A Sultry Snake

If you are into the whole “We should support Indian products bro” moniker, then you can always get Rajni aka Nagina, who just happens to be Sridevi!

You can also bring home Mallika Sherawat. But remember, it is “Mallika Sherawat”!

5. Every Werewolf ever!

How cool are werewolves? Very.
How dangerous are they? Ummm… Who cares?
Remember: Be wise and adopt a werewolf. They need a family they can love… and eat.

Yes, a human who can turn into an animal is adorable. But do you know what the best thing about an Animagus is? The fact that you never have to potty-train them. There’s your clincher! Which Animagus are you excited to bring home as a domestic pet?

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