Everybody knows that a great cast is the key element to make a good movie. After all, they do bring the story to life. But a great cast and crew doesn’t necessarily mean a stellar film. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 awful movies that featured remarkable ensemble casts:
Movie 43

No, this isn’t a list of all the people who have watched Movie 43. That was probably shorter than the film’s credits.

But the 10 people who have watched Movie 43 know exactly why it’s number 1 on this list. After all, it takes a special skill to gather some of the best actors in the film industry to create… Well, that.
The Ten

When we heard about The Ten’s premise, we were a little hesitant. However, the cast seemed good enough for us to leave our worries behind. Little did we know, it was one of those films that wastes a great cast on an abysmal final product. First impressions aren’t that misleading, are they?

Valentine’s Day

No one expected Valentine’s Day to be a cinematic masterpiece. However, what we did hope to see was a cute (if slightly cheesy) film that would make a good one-time watch. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day was neither. A grating film filled with endless tropes and cliches, it never failed to make us cringe. Even the cast, which included some of the biggest names in Hollywood and music, couldn’t do much to save the film.

He’s Just Not that Into You

At first glance, He’s Just Not that Into You seemed like a film that was genuinely trying to do something different. We still don’t know if it was, but we can be certain that it didn’t succeed. Featuring mockumentary-like blurbs, the film’s sequences ranged from cringeworthy to aggravating. 

Be Cool

Though the leads of Be Cool remind us of Pulp Fiction, we can be sure that the connection between the films ends there. We’re still not sure exactly how F. Gary Gray managed to rope in the cast that he did. Was it voodoo, blackmail, or were they just returning a favor? We’ll never know!

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